Mudroom Makeover: Tips to Organize Your Entryway

Do you have a spot in your home to hang your coats and tuck away your boots during colder months? How about an area to put backpacks and raincoats or briefcases and umbrellas? Having a mudroom or dedicated drop zone in your home’s entry area is a great way to minimize clutter—and keep your living spaces tidy and free from outerwear and gear. Use these tips and ideas for more efficient storage and organization to turn an under-utilized entry area in your home into a super-functional mudroom.

By Lauren Frandsen

Mudroom Makeover: Tips to Organize Your Entryway -

Employ a Simple Setup

Using all components of a mudroom, this home’s entryway setup assigns space to everything you need in a drop-off and pickup spot. Shoes shuffle into floor-level compartments, and small items take their place in cabinet drawers. Wall hooks make places to hang coats and bulkier items, and the overhead compartments give homes to any stray belongings, such as mittens and hats in winter, and sunscreen and sunglasses in summer.