Thanksgiving Decorating that’s Inspired by Nature

Celebrate Thanksgiving’s bounty with these colorful decorating touches borrowed from Mother Nature.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get charming, attractive decorations with a harvest-season flair: simply look outside your back door! Many of these design ideas use natural materials you can pick up for free on a fall nature walk. Simply tuck branches, twigs, leaves or nuts into an attractive vase, and you’ve got the beginning of a great look that will last from September through the holidays—or take inspiration from some of these looks to start your holiday home interior makeover. - Thanksgiving Decorating That’s Inspired by Nature

Simple acorn votives

These fall-inspired votive candle displays can be put together in minutes and will look great on your holiday table, or will add a festive touch to your home for any last-minute house viewings. Place a small candle in the center of a plastic cup. Gather some acorns and layer them in the cup around the candle. Make as many as desired for a shining fall centerpiece.