Tips for Creating a Clean, Formal Landscape

Designing and maintaining the lawn and gardens around your home inspires a variety of styles. From the whimsy of cottage gardens to more meticulous and formal styles, there are lots of options to consider. Many homeowners enjoy the crisp, clean style of formal landscapes—the classic design never goes out of style and isn’t as hard as you might think to maintain. Here’s how to get the look in your yard—even if you garden in shade.

Tips for Creating a Clean, Formal Landscape -

Formal Gardens 101

The first step in developing a formal garden is to know the basics. Formal gardens often feature a simple, geometric design. In this particular garden, a low boxwood hedge lines a pathway and creates planting pockets for astilbe, hosta and Annabelle hydrangeas.







Tips for Creating a Clean, Formal Landscape -

Create Clean Lines

Install straight walkways or slightly curved paths throughout your home’s landscape. Look for traditional paving materials such as brick, bluestone, pavers or concrete. This creates a sense of order and tidiness—two key attributes of any formal garden.

Here’s a hint: Keep your yard looking clean by using an edger to keep a crisp line around your grass.





Add Classic Accents for Timeless Style

Little accents, such as this simple planter, can create a big impact in your home’s gardens and landscape. Think simplicity: the green-and-white combination of foliage against the stone planter matches the rest of the garden. Simple urns have been a container of choice in formal gardens for centuries.