My name is Dason Alverson, I am 23 years old and am a proud Boise native. Although I may be young, I certainly don't lack experience. My parents (Dale Alverson and Debbie Sargent Coe) are both career real estate agents of the Boise valley since 1974. My dad was the first buyer's agent in Idaho in 1988 and was the pioneer in bringing buyers representation to the Boise valley. 23 years later he is the only Certified Buyer's agent in Idaho. My mom was year after year, one of the top three super star listing agents of the 80's and 90's. Today they are considered two of the top professionals in their individual fields. My mother in addition to being a top listing agent is a phenomenal home stager and uses that skill to enhance her listings. Ok that's enough about them time for the good stuff!

    As I have grown into this business I have had the privilege of being able to witness both sides of real estate. What I came to realize is that my mom's side of the business was dramatically different from my dad 's. My mom works to overcome mistakes her clients may have overlooked when they purchased their home. It then became her job to counsel her clients on what those mistakes were, and how that was affecting the resale ability of the home. After she counsels her clients everything seems to always work out for the best! The clients sell their house for the top dollar that the market allows, and they end up getting the bottom dollar on the buying side.

    I have chosen to become a buyer's agent because I want to help people from making the same mistakes in the purchase of their home. After all buying a home in my opinion is the biggest purchase one will make in their lifetime and definitely the most important. In being a buyer's agent I get to counsel instead of sell, making sure that we find everything the client wants along with what they need. With out the proper guidance and understanding of the area it is often hard for the client to understand what makes the purchase of a home an investment opposed to just another home. Floor plan, location, and appeal are all key components when it comes to the resale of your home in the future. My job is to make sure my clients understand that concept before making the decision to buy.

    My dad has created a buyers scorecard that I have come to love in helping the client analyze each home we visit. With my energy and drive combined with 36 years of experience at my fingertips I can guarantee you will experience a higher level of service to maximize your real estate options.

    I love making people happy and being a buyer's agent gives me that opportunity every single day! I work hard for my clients and approach every situation with a "CAN DO" attitude with your interest first!

    My hobbies consist of but are limited to, snowboarding, wakeboarding, golf, basketball, football, and most of all paintball! I play paintball on a sponsored team out of Salt Lake Utah and it is a blast! I get to travel around the United States 5 times a year to play in tournaments! I have been to Jacksonville, Kansas, Chicago, Washington DC, Las Vegas and of course California. One of the big perks of playing on a team based out of Salt lake is when we practice in the winter I am blessed with the opportunity to snowboard all the 5 star resorts that Utah has to offer! I am truly blessed.

    When I am home I mainly focus on work and my health. If I'm not working there is a good chance I am at the gym or finding something to eat that will make my body happy. I try to eat the right things so I can reap the benefits! I don't hunt but I sure do love my meat. I love to cook and try new things.

    I am grateful for my health, family, and the ability meet and serve people on a daily basis.

    In god we trust