Scott Adams (RA)

    Scott Adams (RA)

    Salesperson (S) RS-66472
    Scott Adams is a Regional Director of BHGRE Advantage Realty and leads a full-service team that specializes in residential sales on Oahu. Their goal is to make your move as easy and profitable as possible, and with the utmost confidentiality. Their extensive resources, proven marketing methods, and proactive management of escrows are an invaluable asset whether you are buying or selling. With over 15 years of real estate experience, strong local ties, and the backing of a trusted brand, you can be confident that your goals are in good hands.

    Services include Oahu-wide Residential Sales, Property Preparations, Investment Properties, Senior Relocation, Military and Veteran Sales.

    My Client Testimonials

    "Scott helped us navigate the many hurdles and questions regarding purchasing our first home. He made us feel comfortable throughout the process and alleviated many of our concerns. " Graham (Buyer), September 2017.
    "Scott Adams and his team definitely helped to make this transition from selling our condo to buying a house a memorable one! They were extremely helpful and supportive." Gabriel (Buyer), September 2017.
    "I live in Texas and my rental was in Kaneohe and was in the middle of remodeling it to put on the market, I got Scott Adams (Realtor) name from my brother and after talking to Scott my wife and I decided to list the home with Scott. My wife and I were worried about all the thing that could go wrong because we were in Texas and the home is in the middle of a remodel, so we talked to Scott about are worries and he said he would stop in to check on how the remodeling was going. He stopped by our home and saw that the work had not been done right, so he sent us a video of all the work that was not done right. My wife and I were devastated that are worries had come true and we stopped all the work on the home and thought we would have to start the remodel all over and take a lost on the money already spent. Scott called us and said he could find us a buyer to take the home as is and only reduce the asking price by $10,000, so we said ok and with in a few days he had a offer of $800,000 which was more than what we expected. Scott kept his word on everything he told us he would do, we feel he went above and beyond what we feel a realtor job is and that he treated us like we were a part of his family..." Archuleta (Seller), August 2017.
    "Scott and his team was exceptional! They helped to make a dream for me and my sister come true!" Gabriel (Buyer), August 2017.
    "Scott is an excellent agent with great attention to detail. He also really went above and beyond to make sure my wife and I found the right place and that our transaction went smooth." Bendiner (Buyer), July 2017.
    "Scott Adams is, without a doubt, the best real estate agent I have ever met in 31 years of buying and selling property in the mainland and Hawaii. You may find other agents with similar expertise and perhaps even better "numbers", but there is no way that he can be matched with respect to his demeanor, listening skills, patience, drive, humor, and genuine concern - dare I say - his "aloha". I'm not exaggerating. Scott and I actually were assigned to the same unit at Schofield Barracks over 20 years ago, but didn't really know each other well. I knew he was a tough and fearless young officer, but didn't know until I met him years later - now as a realtor - that he had gotten out of the Army, and leveraged his leadership, communication skills, and tenacity into a remarkable real estate career working with families, couples and businessmen. One of the best things he did was keep us focused on areas that provided the best long term "living" environment for our situation... Scott listened to our fiscal realities... He was always responsive and available despite the time difference. He picked up late at night... and first thing in the morning... When we talked, he really spent time walking through complex issues step-by-step without oversimplifying. We never felt rushed. When busy, he had someone on his staff on stand-by to provide immediate responses, and sent video tours even before the homes came on the market... He did a fantastic job PERSONALLY assessing and providing feedback... and mitigated our concerns and fears. He... made all inspection arrangements... and spent hours talking us through pretty complex records and CPR documents. He didn't just hand us over to staff personnel. My experience has been that most realtors are finished at closing. Perhaps a, "congrats and good luck!" and that's that. So, probably the most amazing thing is that he continued to work with us to ensure the home was going to be OK after closing. He arranged for handymen, yard workers, contractors, and a property manager. Didn't just give me numbers. HE called them and met them for us. Two months later, Scott is still talking to us about future plans and setting up things for our next trip..." Fiely (Buyer), June 2017.
    "As soon as we met Scott, it was clear that his local knowledge and his deep commitment to understanding his clients' needs are what make him one of the best realtors in Hawaii. Scott was incredibly helpful with everything from the big picture to the smallest details. He looked out for our interests and helped us every step of the way: from house hunting through key swap and renovations. For anyone looking to buy a home on Oahu (especially the Windward side), I cannot recommend Scott Adams enough." Poupolo (Buyer), June 2017.
    "When we first spoke with Scott Adams, his knowledge of the real estate market in Kaneohe is what impressed us the most. We feel Scott had our best interest in the negotiations process at all times, and he was in constant communications with us every step of the sale. Scott was very friendly to work with and addressed any and all questions without hesitation, Scott Adams is a professional and the guy who will give you his best through the entire process of selling or finding you a home." Archuleta (Seller) June 2017.
    "This was my first home buying experience and a very intimidating one at that. My boyfriend and I were born and raised in Kaneohe and were initially disheartened thinking that we would never be able to afford a home in Hawaii, let alone in Kaneohe where homes were getting snatched up for over asking price only a few days after being on the market. We didn't know where to start. We met with Scott and were instantly impressed. He showed us two homes, one in each of our top two neighborhoods, and we ended up purchasing the second home he showed us. I have friends who have looked for months without any success and Scott didn't make us go through that mess. We can't thank him and his team enough for their exceptional service and commitment to their clients." Chan (Buyer), June 2017.
    "Scott invested an incredible amount of time in understanding our situation and our preferences, as well as helping us to understand the market. He helped us find an amazing property that perfectly fit our needs, budget, and style. Through the offer and negotiation stage, there was never any question that Scott had our best interests in mind and he worked tirelessly to help us close on the property. After we closed, Scott even worked with us to set us up with a contractor and even offered advice on renovation and design decisions. He has kept in close contact with us and has helped us to feel right at home in Kaneohe. As first-time home-buyers, this was an entirely new process to us, so we are very grateful for all of his guidance throughout this process. To say Scott's understanding of the local market is profound would be a massive understatement. Of course he knows the neighborhoods and demographics of the windward side, but he also knows the families, the people, and the stories that helped shape the area going back decades. This is a very valuable asset when buyers are searching in such a competitive and unique market." Puopolo (Buyer) June 2017.
    "Scott Adams and his team (Melissa & Tracy) were the BEST and most AWESOME people to be blessed with in our search for our dream home and selling of old home. Scott knew exactly the kind of house we wanted and matched us "perfectly" with the right property. He walked with us thru the financing, assuring we received the best rates. He was our eyes during the inspection because his knowledge went far beyond just buying/selling a home. Within days of closing, Scott was ready to put our "old" property on the market and our home sold after the 1st open house weekend! He and his team took care of upgrades we needed to complete before closing which lifted the burden from us doing the work. They followed the work projects, kept us updated and assured we were able to close without any delays. We highly recommend Scott Adam and his team. They go far beyond just selling/buying a home. They have become "forever friends"!" Ahu (Seller), May 2017.
    "Scott was wonderful throughout the entire process, helping to line up inspectors and ensure that everything was covered to my satisfaction. When concerns arose, he addressed them, researched and advised accordingly. Scott was a valuable resource in finding a lender, through all documentation, explaining everything extensively, and ensuring that problems were addressed and fixed quickly. Scott was there with my family and I every step of the way, through the purchase, but also after the purchase to ensure that we were happy with our purchase. He would spend his own time in helping address roof repairs and remodels to the kitchen and other parts of the house, plus providing an excellent gardener." Hilpert (Buyer), April 2017.
    "What I loved the most about Scott and Melyssa was their patience in finding our dream home. Since we were not in a rush, they never pressured us in making a decision after viewing a home. We had a few medical set backs which prevented us from moving forward after making offers. They were understanding and compassionate, and allowed us time to recover before moving on. We believe because Scott knew us well after a year of searching, he was able to match us perfectly with our dream home. We are forever grateful and blessed!!! " Ahu (Buyer), March 2017.
    "Scott really listens to your needs about the sales and purchases of your real estate transactions and what you expect. He's so intelligent, stays up on the market, the stats, the rentals and what to expect. He goes WAY beyond a "real estate agent". It amazes us how he remembers everything we talk about and what we need! He takes the "small stuff" off your plate and handles it on his own. We love that about him. He doesn't burden you with it. Mel, Scott's assistant, would ALWAYS answer her phone and texts! If she didn't know the answer, she would find out and ALWAYS get back to us. If you're a person that wants a successful, timely and professional team, Scott Adams is the way to go!" Van Handel (Seller), March 2017.
    "I was especially impressed by Scott's extensive knowledge of the local market, network of contacts and analytical approach, which meshed nicely with my own approach to purchasing a home. Our home purchase was fraught with difficulties and at a high risk of falling through, but Scott put in the work and carried us through the process, for which we are immensely grateful." Jones (Buyer), February 2017.
    "Scott Adams is the best realtor I've dealt with in four states. His knowledge and commitment to providing superior customer service is unmatched. I highly recommend Scott Adams to any prospective buyer." Quilon (Buyer), December 2016.
    "Scott and his team showed outstanding knowledge of the sales potential of our property, not only with presentation of similar in our immediate area but nearby areas explaining rationale for any differences in average prices. His eye for detail in repairs and touchups to prepare for showing was outstanding and obtained 4 offers at or above asking price at the first open house. His team's work with us and the buyer through escrow and closing was easy and stress free. We would highly recommend him for handling property sales particularly for non residents." Davis (Buyer), November 2016.
    "Scott and his team were very professional and friendly. We were first time home buyers, so we had lots of questions, Scott and his team were very knowledgeable about the market, and they handheld us through the process in a patient and streamlined manner. They were transparent and very resourceful. We would recommend them for other buyers." Tan (Buyer), September 2016.
    "Scott exceeded our expectations in terms of what a realtor can do to assist a client from the beginning and beyond the purchase of our investment property. Scott was very thorough, experienced, caring, professional, personable, patient and the best advocate for us. He helped us find a great loan company and assisted us even after escrow. Scott was available with whatever we needed for the property (i.e. roofer, property managers, contractor, etc). We really feel fortunate to have had Scott on our side and would definitely recommend him (I already have been) to friends and families and use him again whether it is for selling or buying a property." Lee (Buyer), September 2016.
    "I cannot imagine going through a move from the mainland to Hawaii without Scott Adams in my corner. He is the consummate professional and extremely personable, He knows the local real estate market like the back of his hand, and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve his customers. He worked extremely hard for us to make all the pieces come together. I not only have a fantastic realtor, I feel like I have made my first friend on Oahu." Goodwin (Buyer), September 2016.
    "This is my second time working with Scott, and it will not be my last. He is everything you want in a realtor. He will floor you with how much he knows about this island and the real estate market. He will find you the perfect home, and he will do everything in his power to get you happily moved in ASAP. He is endlessly patient, and always there to answer your questions and ease your worries. You will start to wonder when he has time to sleep because he JUST. DOESN'T. STOP. EVER. It is truly a beautiful thing to say you have the best realtor, and I know without a doubt that I do. Scott could not disappoint if he tried. Whenever I work with him, I know I am in good hands." Tran (Buyer), July 2016.
    "Scott was able to gain the confidence and trust from all of my family members immediately. He is extremely thorough and took the time to communicate to multiple family members to ensure a smooth operation. He is knowledgeable and will help you come up with solutions to issues. Trust is key when selecting a realtor and he was open and honest about all aspects along the way with no surprises. He made this entire process worry free by coming up with potential contingency plans if initial plans did not work out. I will be recommending Scott Adams' services to everyone I know." Daguio (Seller), March 2016.
    "Scott is absolutely the best realtor ever. Most realtors have knowledge of the area and buying process but Scott takes it to the next level. He follows up on every step and has multiple contacts to simplify an otherwise very complicated process. Scott builds lasting relationships because he enjoys finding the perfect fit and making people happy. I'm very glad we had Scott on our team. He made it happen." Parra (Buyer), January 2016.
    "We chose Scott Adams because we felt he would follow through on the preparation, marketing, and sale of our home. He came with an excellent presentation and credentials and understood our needs, reassuring us that he and his team would support us 100% from the beginning to the end of the sale and he did not disappoint. We would not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone interested in a realtor who is professional, knowledgeable, understanding and honest. His service was 5 stars in every way and he totally exceeded our expectations, going the extra mile when necessary. He gave us excellent advice and support in all negotiations. All of Scott's staff members kept us up to speed and were very timely and clear in their communications. Such great service! This sale has been exceptionally smooth and stress-free for us thanks to Scott and his staff. We would recommend Scott without any reservation for all your real estate needs." Brinkman (Seller), December 2015.
    "Excellent knowledge about structure and details of what makes a good house purchase!" Laeger (Buyer), November 2015.
    "When I first met Scott Adams he was polite, kind, respectful, and honest. He let me know right away exactly what I needed to do to get my house up to par to sell. This is what I was looking for and this is what he gave me. I believe that many years of experience and a great customer service attitude is really what sold me on this man. I can't explain how well he knows and does his job. The experience was amazing for me and my entire family with Scott Adams. I just want to thank you for keeping such a wonderful Realtor on your team and letting me have him for such a short period. He was and is the greatest Realtor I've ever known. I would gladly buy or sell another house from him when I have a chance. Scott Adams is awesome!" Matthews (Seller), October 2015.
    "A big MAHALO. Your team was really on the ball in communicating the needs of purchasing our condo. Your leadership should be commended because it shows how everyone communicated and made sure we are informed of what we need to do to make this transaction as easy and efficient as possible. I wish I have more money so I could buy more properties with your help." Montes (Buyer), September 2015.
    "From the onset Scott Adams took away all of my anxiety of selling a home. From that moment on, I knew that I was in excellent hands. I had no idea that selling a home could be such a pleasant experience, from beginning to end. Scott Adams and his team members are all very organized, helpful and nice. They truly are a joy to work with. I thank my "lucky stars" that I found such a great team. I can confidently recommend their services to other people." Toledo (Seller), August 2015.
    "Scott exceeded our expectations and made the home sale process a pleasure. We would absolute recommend Scott Adams to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in Hawaii." Torres (Seller), May 2015.
    "Scott was very helpful and reliable throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend him to any friends or family." Mason (Seller), April 2015.

    My Experience

    • Best Real Estate Agencies, Honolulu-Star Advertiser 2008-18 (11 years).
    • Best Real Estate Agency, Honolulu Magazine 2012-13, 15-18 (6 years).
    • Top 100 Realtors on Oahu, Honolulu Board of Realtors 2007-18 (12 years).
    • Top Realtors in Hawaii, Hawaii Business Magazine 2010-11, 14-18 (7 years).
    • Best in Real Estate, Honolulu Magazine, 2013-18 (6 years).
    • Emerald Elite (Top 2% Nationwide), Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, 2014-18 (5 years).
    • Legend Award (Nationwide), Prudential Real Estate, 2013.
    • Chairman's Circle Platinum (Top 1% Nationwide), Prudential Real Estate, 2013.
    • Chairman's Circle Gold (Top 2% Nationwide), Prudential Real Estate 2008-10, 12 (4 years).
    • President's Circle (Top 4% Nationwide), Prudential Real Estate 2011.
    • Leading Edge Society (Top 7% Nationwide), Prudential Real Estate 2006-07 (2 years).

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