I have been in real estate since 1995.....
    After I helped my first client buy a house and she hugged me....she HUGGED me!.....I was hooked. I was looking for the next "hug". It was a challenge for me to see how well I could treat my clients so that they would WANT to hug me after the closing.
    It's been more than 20 years and I still crave the "hugs". I have built my business on it.
    I love helping buyers and sellers to obtain their home dreams.

    Whether it is home ownership or UN-home ownership (not wanting to own a home any longer), I am so excited to help and be a part of such an important event in my clients lives.
    I am Realtor and I live by a code: A code of ethics, a code of conduct and a code of beliefs. I believe in the real estate industry and I believe in my clients. I am blessed to be able to serve as a Director of our REALTOR Association. I also teach other agents such classes as continuing education, principles of real estate and have written or co-written several programs that are utilized across the state.

    Call me today and I will help you move forward with your real estate goals.

    My Client Testimonials

    Brenda was always willing to answer our calls, texts, and emails at all times of the day. She worked diligently too get our house ready and sold at the maximum price possible. We sold our house in a week and the closing was the easiest we have ever had with all her help! We would highly recommend Brenda when you are buying or selling. DanielleRoberts33
    Brenda went above and beyond to assist in selling my house as it was a difficult situation (short sale). Brenda was extremely knowlegable with whole process. She was a joy to work with, compassionate, understanding and assertive. Amy Riley
    She was so helpful, and awesome! She helped me find exactly what I was looking for. She responded promptly and was with me at each buying. She provided with me with lost of choices and helped guide me through during the buying at the title company. She was so nice, friendly, and just helpful! Christina Fuller
    Brenda Noffert has been AMAZING. There have been several hurtles to climb over both in selling my home and finding a new one. She is a QUICK thinker that really knows her stuff !!! I was amazed at what she accomplished when I thought all hope was lost. I would send anyone I knew to her for help with either buying or selling a home. I promise, you will not be disappointed !!!! Jackietolley82
    Brenda is so great at what she does. We have worked with her in the sale of our home which was very sentimental to me and she was so understanding. She helped us with purchasing our home and took care of all of our wants and needs. Recently Brenda has helped us with finding and sealing the deal on our new business property and we can not thank her enough. I would not hesitate to refer her she is great!!!!!!!!!!! Shonak
    Very helpful and honest. Very accommodating on showing times. Helps go though the houses looking at them. Fights hard to get you the best deal. Very up front on any issues that she thought could be a problem. She showed us alot of homes untill we found the one that was right for. Very knowledgeable on V.A. lmjrsseph
    Brenda worked with me very closely on the sale of my sister's house held in her trust. We began our experience in August 2010 when she agreed to a walk thru and gave me advice on what areas to focus on to get the house in saleable condition. She is very knowledgeable about what the market demand is and what to do for the least amount of money, what is a good investment as far as repairs or improvements and what will not get you much return for your investment. This was invaluable to me. We worked through the fall and winter of 2010 and were ready to put the house on the market the end of April 2011 when the market picked back up again. When we finally made it to closing, she even picked me up to take me there so everything could be done at once. She kept me informed every step of the way, consulted with me and gave advice when asked about the different areas of negotiation which I really appreciated. I would use her again and again if I had more property to buy or sell. Patricia Fox
    Brenda did an excellent job in searching out homes in our price range. Each property she showed us would have been a house we would have purchased. The paper work before close had minor issues and Brenda did a fantastic job of getting things worked out and taken care of. tlassley1
    "She's great! I went back and forth a bit on selling my home, and Brenda made it so easy for me, she didn't pressure me in anyway and always let me know that she was there for me the whole way. She gave her honest opinion on everything and was so supportive!" Linda L - Wichita (Seller)
    "She was great. Answered all my questions. Never bullshitted with me. Never felt pressure. Always made time for me. Was on top of the ball the whole time. Really appreciate her" Kristopher (Buyer)
    "I absolutely loved Brenda. Anytime I called or needed anything she was right there for me! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an agent!" Angie (Buyer)
    "Brenda was fantastic thru the whole process start to finish." Travis (Buyer)
    "I met Brenda six years ago when going through a drastic hardship and needed to sell my house. She always went above and beyond what a realtor is required to do. When I decided to purchase this home she was the only person I called upon because of my previous experience with Brenda. She has become a wonderful friend through the years. She encouraged me throughout this s process from start to finish and took all of needs and concerns seriously. Brenda makes the stressful process of buying a home fun with her witty realistic humor and her approach to her clients. I trusted her in every step of the way when I was fearful of failing. She always had wonderful ideas and her knowledge of real estate is beyond measure! Thank you such a wonderful experience. I know our relationship will continue far beyond this home purchase. God Bless!" Amy (Buyer)
    "Brenda is honest, detailed, hard working, responsive, educated and most of all compassionate and always looking out for me. I enjoyed working with her and will miss her!" Mignon (Seller)
    "She is amazing and the only Realtor I will ever work with! She always goes above and beyond what is needed!" Miranda (Seller)
    "Brenda was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable." Janin (Buyer)
    "Brenda did a great job" Duane (Seller)
    "Brenda and her colleague, Nicole LaFond were a dream team to work with. They communicated well, were extremely knowledgeable and competent, patiently coached me through the whole process, supported and encouraged me, listened well, and were thoughtful, kind, and lovely to work with." Lori Day (Buyer)
    "Brenda was fantastic, I don't think anyone else would have provided the kind of service she did. She was always there and always very sweet about it." Jerald (Seller)
    "Brenda is patient and awesome she made the whole experience very pleasant." David (Buyer)
    "Brenda was always willing to answer our calls, texts, and emails at all times of the day. She worked diligently too get our house ready and sold at the maximum price possible. We sold our house in a week and the closing was the easiest we have ever had with all her help! We would highly recommend Brenda when you are buying or selling." Todd and Danielle (Seller)
    "Brenda is amazing! We could not have asked for a more painless, easy process. Working with her was a delight!" David and Elisha (Buyer)
    "very helpful and knowledgeable, excellent choice for a broker" rich (Buyer)
    "Our initial phone call contact from Brenda sealed the deal. We knew she was a perfect fit minutes into the conversation. Yeah, pretty much the best realtor we've ever worked with, which says a lot considering 19 years of military life moves. Brenda was fab from the start. She talked us through the sales process and helped us decide if it was the right decision and appropriate timing. She backed our decisions, gave honest feedback, assessed what we needed to do prior to marketing, assisted in arranging repairs, handled our negotiations with our best interest in mind, and sealed the deal. Our situation was unique in that we live halfway across the country. Our house was a rental home for six years and we had planned on moving back, but when an unexpected vacancy situation arose we made a decision to sell from afar. We had some reservations, but as soon as we started working with Brenda our confidence level grew. That confidence in her proved invaluable as we dealt with the aftermath of losing everything to hurricane Matthew flooding our North Carolina home. Brenda was critical, involved in, and leading every aspect of our home sale. Thanks to her dedication we had tremendous stress relief and a smooth closing of our KS house while we worked to reestablish in NC. Listing with Brenda was hands down the right decision. Having Brenda spearheading the sale of our house from the start allowed for us to be worry free and have great confidence during a time of chaos and uncertainty in other areas of our lives. Her compassion, personable nature, knowledge, and love of her profession is highly evident and shines through in all she does. We are pleased to have had an opportunity to work with her and plan to do so again in the near future as well as highly recommend her to others."
    "Brenda Noffert was the very first person my wife and I spoke with about buying a house and will certainly be our go-to choice if we were to need any other services in the future. Before speaking with Brenda, my wife and I dreaded the thought of home buying and procrastinated constantly. Brenda turned what we thought would be a nightmare into a fantastic experience. She is very calm, collected and knowledgeable and does not over-complicate while being stern when making your case with the seller. She simply knows what she's doing and I could not recommend her highly enough." Zachary (Buyer)
    "Brenda Noffert was amazing. First of all, I was moving to the Wichita area from out of state. Breda went out of the way to schedule her time around my schedule. She was very help full and her knowledge and sound advice were crucial in deciding which home to purchase. Brenda even help us find a place to rent while we waited on our house to close. During the whole house purchasing process, my lender repeatedly kept dropping the ball. If it was not for Brenda's constant follow-ups and reminding the lender of their responsibilities, I don't think we would have ever closed on our house. She truly saved the day!!!!" Steven (Buyer)
    "Brenda listed our house wrote a very good description of our house it sold to the very 1st person that looked at it . She talked us through the times when the waiting for things to happen makes you a little nervous she is very encouraging and very knowledgeable it made the whole experience very comfortable . Brenda gets back with you very promptly when you need to talk to her. I would defiantly use Brenda again and I will recommend her to any one wanting an excellent realtor!" Donald & Kathy (Buyer)
    "Brenda worked TIRELESSLY with us to find a new home while selling our current one. Her market knowledge and experience is unparalleled, and she went above and beyond what we asked of her. We used her a few years ago as well, and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest conversation on their real estate needs!" Kyle (Seller)
    "Brenda was an amazing realtor. She understood our circumstance, sold our house quickly and handled all of the paperwork efficiently. It was great having her on our side." Chrystal (Seller)
    "Brenda Noffert was able to help us sell our home. She was polite, very understanding, patient, knowledgeable, helpful and always accessible. I would definitely recommend her." Melinda (Seller)
    "Brenda has become a personal friend through our working relationship. Her expertise, availability and sense of humor made my home buying experience easier and very memorable. I highly recommend her to any home buyer!" Angelin (Buyer)
    "Brenda Noffert does a great job of working overtime to make sure our needs are met. She also worked hard on our behalf when it came to working with other agents. She always had our best interest in mind. We trusted Brenda and my in-laws to look at a house because we were unable to see the house at that time. We knew she wouldn't let us pick a dilapidated house, because she was personally invested in us and our girls." Todd (Buyer)
    "I worked with Brenda when I bought my house and she was absolutely amazing so I did not hesitate to call her when I needed to sell. Brenda went above and beyond my expectations to complete the sell, she was truly a blessing." Freda (Seller)
    "Brenda made the whole buying process amazing! We feel so blessed to have found an agent that truly worked for us no matter what the circumstance." Chelsey (Buyer)
    "Brenda helped me find this house a few years back. LOVED working with her then. Knew I wanted to work with her again on the sale of this same property. And boom! Boy was I right!! Five (5) days on the market and it was SOLD!! Brenda knows her stuff and is so easy to work with. I was actually out of town for the birth of my grandson the week of closing. Brenda was able to make the process smooth and simple and we were able to get it all done! I would hunt her down and work with her again! She's the best! I truly have not found a realtor that I would prefer to work with, other than Brenda." suz and jim (Seller)
    "We love Brenda, she helped us so much years ago and we knew we were coming back to her when it was time to move again. She is an open book of knowledge and advice."
    "We had so much fun working with Brenda. She always had an upbeat attitude and super friendly. She kept us up to date on what was going on and always acted with our best interest at heart. She was easy to reach and quick to answer any questions." Celeste and Cevin (Buyer)
    "Brenda Noffert was so helpful and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend her to anyone!" Ryann (Buyer)
    "Brenda Noffert was AMAZING !!! She was seriously the deciding factor in me being able to purchase my dream home. I had a difficult time in the past trying to purchase a home and she was willing to jump through what ever hoops needed to make it happen for me. She made herself available to me just about 24/7 and really held MY best interest at heart. It was never about a 'sale' for her. She was focused on my happiness alone. I am so thankful for her hard work and dedication !!! I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat !!!! She will go to bat for you, think outside the box for you, help you, encourage you, and will always making buying and selling your home as painless as possible !!!" Jackie (Buyer)
    "Brenda was amazing. During the closing, any issues that came up, Brenda was on top of it right away and got it resolved very quickly. I never heard, "I can't" but instead I always heard, "you bet, I'm on it." Her diligence through the closing made sure we closed on time." William (Buyer)
    "Brenda was awesome! She made us feel like we were her only clients. She was so friendly and so helpful. We had a lot of complications, and Brenda got us through them all. We would have gone crazy without her! I will definitely recommend her and use her in the future!" Kaci (Buyer)
    "Brenda handled our house hunting experience with grace and understanding. We looked at lots of homes and she was honest in her opinions when asked. She gave us advice on what to consider in a property. I could not have asked for a better realtor in handling our house hunting." ashley (Buyer)

    My Experience

    • Licensed originally in Detroit, Michigan in 1995
    • Came to Wichita Kansas in January in 2006
    • Broker license since 1998
    • Instructor For RSCK Association
    • Adult Real Estate Educator
    • Board of Director for RSCK

    My Credentials and Memberships

    • Associate Broker
    • CDPE
    • ABR
    • GRI
    • ITTI
    • CCCREC
    • PSC
    • SCK Realtor Association Board of Director 2012- Present

    My Community Involvement

    • Bountiful Basket Volunteer
    • Walk for Autism yearly
    • Volunteer at Derby School District
    • Sponsor Sporting and Educational events in Derby

    Local Insights

    My Blog

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