Our Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

    Our Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

    Mar 04, 2019

    Brenda NoffertBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance

    While most of us couldn’t live without our smartphones and the internet, fully acknowledging that technology has improved our lives, concerns are also growing surrounding technology’s impact on society as a whole, especially when it comes to data security.

    According to a recent survey from Vrge Strategies, Americans are very positive about the impact that modern technology is having on their daily lives. According to the findings:

    • 81 percent of Americans say that the internet, smartphones and other emerging technologies have made their lives better.
    • 42 percent of Americans feel that consumer technologies and social media have made their relationships with family and friends more impactful. Just 29 percent said it made them less impressive.

    On the flipside, Americans have increasing concerns about the impact of new technology on society. Survey results also showed the following:

    • 46 percent believe that the internet and social media have had a negative impact on society, while only 36 percent had a positive impact.
    • 38 percent believe technology is making the gap between rich and poor wider, while only 22 percent believe technology is bridging the gap.
    • 60 percent believe artificial intelligence developments will reduce job opportunities.
    • Half of all respondents think that the pace of technological change is too fast, while only six percent think it’s too slow.

    Survey results also show that Americans have increasing concerns about the safety of their personal information:

    • 67 percent would not give technology companies highly personal information to reduce their daily commute.
    • 65 percent would not share medical records or other personal health information to technology companies in order to improve their healthcare.
    • 66 percent would not want to live in a smart city.

    Yet, the most concerning data point for technology companies is the growing perception among Americans that the industry doesn't care about these negative consequences of their technologies.

    • 55 percent of Americans believe that technology companies don't care about how their products impact society.

    Because of this, while in the past, Americans largely supported a hands-off policy approach to internet and technology companies, survey results show that respondents now believe that policymakers need to take more actions to protect consumers.

    • 72 percent believe policymakers aren’t keeping up with the pace of technology.
    • 41 percent believe we don't have enough regulations on new technologies, and only 17 percent think we have too much regulation.

    Source: Vrge Strategies

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