No... No... Notorious. October and Haunted Kansas!

    No... No... Notorious. October and Haunted Kansas!

    Oct 31, 2020

    Did I get this song into your brain? All right!
    We all know that October is a notorious month. Pumpkins, falling leaves, spooky spooks... I can't beat 'em, so I join 'em and indulge in reading up on my state in the only appropriate way this month:

    Between drinking too much sweet (caffeine) tea last night and reading these stories, I'm going on minimal sleep today!

    Whether the stories are made up or not, it's interesting to read about the folklore of this state. Click the links, if you dare.

    A blue-eyed monster in the Clearwater cemetery with glowing blue eyes? Check.

    A sad, angry Theorosa, who wanders a bridge in Valley Center, scaring away those who mess with her? Check.

    Hamburger Man, a ghost north of Hutchinson who frightens those who trespass on the sand hills? Check.

    Salina? KSU? Topeka? Fort Leavenworth? Stull, which became the title of Urge Overkill's 1992 album? All there. 

    Interesting stuff, but I still prefer Peanuts Halloween visions late at night!

    Need more spooky Kansas? Here is the road trip that is mapped in my cover photo.

    With the weather getting chillier, people may think the market is slowing. For buyers, we are encouraging them to shop this fall/winter, before values may increase again, and while interest rates remain low. For sellers, we're still in a seller's market for most price ranges, so don't be afraid to list!