3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Agents

    3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Agents

    Oct 20, 2021

    In every realty company, leaders want the best from their employees. And they want them to succeed just as much as the company does. As a leader, it’s part of your responsibilities to help motivate and inspire your agents to give and do their best so that the real estate company can continue to succeed. When employees are doing their best, they are more efficient and productive. Knowing how to inspire your employees to do good work can sometimes feel tricky, especially when you have so much more to do as a manager. There is no perfect tried-and-true method, but we’ve found three business tips that will help you get the most out of your employees.

    1. Acknowledge Good Work

    Showing your employees that you appreciate their hard workcan lead to, yep, more hard work. Take the time to find a reward platform or appreciation platform that you can easily use on a monthly, weekly, daily basis so your agents know that you appreciate good work and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Not only that but so that their efforts are beneficial to your business. Some of the most successful companies use more than just great benefits and perks to show their employees how much their good work affects the business. 

    If you don’t know where to reward or recognize, start with being attentive to the growth and output of your employees as this will show you exactly where the work is affecting your bottom line. This will allow you to give them the proper recognition. Reward platforms can also help you brainstorm creative ways to acknowledge and reward your employees in more ways than just a simple pat on the back or bonus. Sometimes a simple “thank you” can get old-hat and your agents may not feel like you really are noticing everything they are doing. Find special ways to not only say thank you to them but also show the rest of the company that this is what you expect and appreciate from your employees. This can then incite more of your agents to strive to try harder themselves.

    2. Challenge Your Agents

    Surveys have shown that employees of realty companies tend to be happier with their jobs and stay longer with a business when they feel challenged. This is because they feel like they have a future with the business and also that management cares about their career path and helping them further educate themselves. Although autonomy is important, without guidance or opportunities to push themselves, people may become complacent or unhappy in their positions. Provide your employees with things like the budget to attend conferences that could further their skills, or change their job description to give them more responsibilities if they feel like they’re twiddling their thumbs most days.

    Help your employees recognize why they’re doing a specific task or why a certain project is needed. Push them to ask what else they could be doing, what more could they take on. Help your employees see that they can do what they may not think they could do. You’ll find that the more you do this, the longer your employees will stay with you and the harder they’ll strive to bring success not only to their positions but also to the realty company as a whole.

    3. Recognize Differences

    Not every person works in the same way. The hours of the day that you feel most productive or enthusiastic about your work, may not be the same ones that your coworker or VP does. You may be a morning person, while 20 other people are more early evening people. Acknowledging the different mods and work cycles that your employees have--and doing something about it--is one of the best ways to get the most out of your employees. There’s a large chance that not everyone in your business works at their best at a large table with 10 other people around it. Give your employees spaces where they can go off to work alone or in smaller groups.

    Even better, change up the hours. If you’re not sure how to approach this, consider a results-focused work environment where you have policies that allow your workers to work from home if being in the office is distracting with constant pop-ins from other employees. Or if they can hunker down in a coffee shop and bust out a solid four hours of work without interruption--let them! Recognizing the differences among your employees will give them the space to work during the times and in the places that work better for them. This kind of approach will guarantee more efficient and better productivity in your employees, ultimately resulting in better success for your real estate business.