Ask a Pro: A Repurposed Entertainment Center for G

    Ask a Pro: A Repurposed Entertainment Center for G

    Nov 20, 2017

    An entertainment center is essential to any home, as it’s the perfect place to bring everyone together, but what if you’re building one from a re-purposed vintage piece? Design expert and Dream Team member Jennifer Adams has the answers to turn old furnishings into new functional – and stylish – decor in the latest edition of Ask a Pro!


    Q. I need to create an entertainment center on a main wall of my living area. I have an old sideboard buffet piece with marble top and 4 drawers. It is sort of traditional in style. It is low to the ground and 48″ wide. I want to add shelves on the side I think to extend the width on the wall. (My wall is 16′ long). Can you suggest a style to look for? I was also thinking I should paint all 3 pieces to create a more modern look. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    — Linda S.


    A. What a great idea to use your sideboard in a new way, I love this. Adding shelves to both sides will help make much more of a statement, and will frame your sideboard to highlight it like the treasure it is. I agree with you that the 48” wide sideboard all by itself is not going to hold its own against your big wall!

    I’m assuming you want to add a TV. If you don’t have one yet, think about getting one that is close to 48” wide to match your sideboard, or go a little smaller. Note that it’s 48” in width, not what size the TV is considered! When you buy a 52” TV, that’s the dimension of the diagonal, measured corner to corner. You’ll have to dig deep or measure the display model to find out what the actual width really is.

    Look for shelving units that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A sleek, modern system would contrast your sideboard nicely. I love to mix and match vintage treasures with modern pieces. Choose two tall units for the sides, ideally to be taller than the TV.

    And to finish off the look, add another shelf to go above the TV. Ideally the top of this shelf would align with the top of the side units, but the center part above the TV could be taller if the pieces aren’t working out, or if you need more space above the TV. Also, please be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about securing your shelves to the wall if necessary.

    As far as painting goes, I don’t think it matters if all the pieces match or not, it’s just what you prefer. I would definitely have all the new shelves match each other, and be a color that coordinates with your sideboard. You could always live with that for a while and paint later!

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