Did You Know? REALTORS® Do More Than Sell Houses

    Did You Know? REALTORS® Do More Than Sell Houses

    Feb 22, 2021

    Did You Know? REALTORS® Do More Than Sell Houses

    August 18, 2020 | Texas REALTORS® Staff

    When you think of REALTORS®, you probably picture someone who helps you sell or buy a house … or advises you in real estate transactions involving land, commercial properties, or rental properties.

    That’s true—REALTORS® are trusted professionals you can count on to achieve your real estate goals. But REALTORS® do much more.

    Collectively Working for You

    REALTORS®—that is, real estate agents who join the national, state, and local associations of REALTORS®—work together on issues that

    benefit you. For example, REALTORS® are promoting full participation in the 2020 census. Why? A complete count ensures that your local

    community gets federal funds for programs that benefit you, and that you have appropriate political representation.

    You’ll also find REALTORS® involved in issues that matter in your everyday life, like transportation, water, schools, property taxes, homeowner associations—the list goes on and on. REALTORS® understand that a wide range of topics are intertwined with your ability to enjoy your home or business.

    A Century of Looking Out for Your Interests

    In 1920, real estate professionals in Texas formed the statewide association of REALTORS® on the ideals of creating higher standards in the industry. These leaders wanted to ensure that Texas remained a great place to live. Rest assured that Texas REALTORS® will build on that 100-year track record of looking out for you.

    Your REALTOR® Can Help You Achieve Your Real Estate Dreams

    Even when your near-term plans don’t include a real estate transaction, REALTORS® are working collectively to make transactions, property ownership, and life in your community better for you.