10 Cool Dog Bed Ideas

    10 Cool Dog Bed Ideas

    Jan 17, 2021

    Give Fido a place to rest that’s both comfortable and attractive. These ideas are attractive solutions that fit all homes—and all dogs.

    Tuck it into a hideaway.

    This clever hideaway nook is the perfect spot for Spot. And when he’s not snoozing, the overhead door closes to look like the rest of the cabinetry. To entice your dog to sleep on its new bed, place some of its favorite toys there.

    Keep it stylish.

    The perfect bed for a small dog, this white-washed, pillow-plumped sleeper is like a stylish piece of furniture. You can even build it yourself if you’re handy.

    Give her space in the living room.

    Dogs want to be part of the family, so adding a bed to your living room gives her a place to lie down but still be part of the festivities. This is a great idea for large dogs who might not be allowed on (or fit on) the family furniture.

    Add a splash of color.

    Use a dog bed to add a splash of color in a monochromatic room. Here, a leafy green bed occupies the space beneath a table. It’s out of the traffic flow, but right where this pooch can observe what’s going on in the room. Slide a plush dog bed under furniture to offer your dog a sweet napping spot during the day.

    Create a doggie corner.

    Cordon off a corner and make it all about your dog. Wainscoting keeps the wall behind the dog clean. Dog-inspired art (including a sign with the dog’s name) makes this corner comfortable and fun. Add a shelf on the wall above to store biscuits, a leash, brushes and other dog accessories.

    Place it in front of the fireplace.

    The picture of a happy home is a dog snoozing on the hearth. A dog bed placed in front of the fireplace offers your pet a front-row seat to warmth, as well as being in the center of family activities. Just make sure the bed isn’t too close to the heat source so that bedding isn’t at risk of catching fire.

    Match his bed’s style with yours.

    There’s no reason your dog’s bed can’t match your decor. This country-style, rustic whitewashed bed features beaded-board sides and ball finials. A comfy striped mattress makes for nifty napping. A removable pillow cover is easy to pop in the washer.

    Build it into the furniture.

    When adding new cabinetry to your home, keep your dog’s comfort in mind. Here, a homeowner built a lower-level snoozing nook for the two family dogs. Add a nook that fits your dog’s size. The den-like feeling is instinctually attractive to dogs.

    Turn the bed into a bath.

    A galvanized tub gets a new look with some shiny yellow and red paint. Add a plump pillow and you have a comfy dog bed. Remove the pillow and the bed becomes a bathtub.

    Put the pug in a basket.

    A woven wicker dog bed with a cushy pillow is the ideal bed for small dogs. Multiple dogs like to share sleeping space. If your dog gnaws on its bed, use bitter apple spray on the chewed-on area to discourage future munching.