Elly Casebolt-Flanagan

    Elly Casebolt-Flanagan

    To say Elly Casebolt-Flanagan was introduced to the real estate industry early in life is a bit of an understatement. From the time she was 11 years old, her father ran his home renovation and investment business from their home - a desk smack dab in the center of their living room! As a result, Elly couldn't help but learn the language of real estate and establish strong connections to the business. Then again, perhaps it's only fitting for a woman whom connections mean so much.

    To Elly, there are few things in life as important as the connections we make with others. As a wife and mother, Elly enjoys any chance to spend quality time with her family. She loves embarking on weekend camping trips with her husband, 2 daughters, and two dogs. It's a chance to get away from the daily grind and simply enjoy each other's company over fireside chats and roasted marshmallows. "My girls love it and it's a great way to spend family time in nature," Elly says, "It's so important to keep those connections strong within my family."

    A pet lover who has 2 dogs, 4 cats, and 3 fish, Elly is also dedicated to animal charities and does whatever she can to play a role in promoting and protecting animal rights. In her free time, Elly enjoys staying fit with workouts at the gym, bird watching and family hikes.
    Despite growing up in the real estate industry, Elly wanted to prove herself prior to following in the family real estate tradition. A Richmond native, she left home to earn her bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, before returning to Indiana and earning her real estate license within just two weeks. She was young at the time, but her dedicated spirit and instilled knowledge already made her a premier real estate resource. Since starting in real estate in 1999, she has only bolstered that reputation, earning the trust of countless home buyers and sellers throughout the area.

    When you work with Elly toward the sale or purchase of a home, she excels at creating a personal connection that allows her to provide a highly personalized level of service. She views her role, not as a high-pressure salesperson, but rather a consultant and guide to help her clients achieve their real estate goals. For Elly, integrity is paramount and she strives to protect her clients' best interests, every step of the way. As you might guess, she's also very well "connected" throughout the real estate community and social media, allowing her to generate maximum exposure for your home in order to maximize return on your investment.

    Your home is central to the connections and memories you make with family , friends, and loved ones. Elly Casebolt-Flanagan understands. That's why she is so devoted to helping her clients make the most of their real estate opportunities. If you're considering a move, put her years of experience, strong work ethic and genuinely caring approach on your side. She's "Your Real Estate Connection." Call her today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your specific goals and objectives.

    Quote: "In real estate, it's important to have connections within the industry, but to me, the most meaningful connections are those I create with my clients each and every day."