COVID-19 Cases Surge Out of Control in St. Johns

    COVID-19 Cases Surge Out of Control in St. Johns

    Jul 17, 2020

    From the Ponte Vedra Recorder ...

    Residents and county officials took a deep breath of relief on June 5 when the state moved to Phase 2 of its reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Now, many of those same people are struggling just to breathe as the highly contagious disease continues to surge along the First Coast.

    The numbers are alarming: 1,396 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since June 25. With a record of 116 positive cases reported in St. Johns County last Monday, it’s only getting worse.

    School openings are in doubt. High school sports are on hold. The debate on mandating face coverings has become more pronounced. Fears of a rollback to Phase 1 — or worse — has local merchants worrying about their futures. By now, everyone knows someone who’s been infected.

    And nobody is immune.

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