Lime Green Paint, Oh No!

    Lime Green Paint, Oh No!

    Nov 16, 2017

    The joke is, that real estate agents should move at least once every five years, just so we can feel what our buyers and sellers experience during the moving process. I have moved many times, so I don't usually forget. What I remember the most, is just always being so tired. Seems like it's a never ending list of items that need to be boxed, labeled, and moved. Even if we have help, and we try to pre-pack, when it comes down to the actual moving day, it's rarely a quick and easy process.  Often times, it results in not having as clear a head, or tripping and falling out of pure exhaustion.  

    So when I receive a text that says "Can you call me please, we have an issue" a few hours before closing, I'm prepared for the worst. And what happened to my sellers, was absolutely the worst.  

    In their honorable effort to turn over the home to the new buyers in the best possible condition, they made the decision to patch the holes where there were pictures hung, and paint touch up the walls. It's not a requirement of our contracts to do so, but when sellers do that, it's very generous. 

    One of their daughters bedrooms, was painted in lime green paint. Unfortunately, a few hours before the buyers were ready to do their final walk through, and head to close on the home, the sellers tripped over a can of lime green paint and spilled it on the carpet. Oh no!!

    There are often last minute unexpected surprises like that, right before a closing. Which adds a level of potential panic to the process. I believe, that when you have reasonable buyers and sellers though, there is always an equitable solution. An agent's job, is to be the calm of the storm during this negotiation, and work towards finding the solution.  

    In this case, the sellers diligently tried to have the carpets cleaned, unfortunately with the short notice, the paint was not coming up completely. Eventually they knew, that mistake was going to cost them. But because they are the type of people who always do the right thing, they did offered to pay for replacing the carpet.

    On the other side, the buyer could have said they're not closing until it's fixed. It's easy in a situation like this to not trust, and make the situation more difficult. Luckily, the agent on the other side was a dear friend of mine, and I told him personally that my sellers were very honest, and if for some reason that did not turn out to be the case, I would solve the problem for the buyers and cover it myself. With that verbal promise, followed up by an amendment that all parties signed, the sellers agreed to pay for the carpet replacement as soon as the quote for the replacement came in, and the buyers agreed to close on time. Though for them, there was still a risk that promises would not be kept. 


    Happy ending? It certainly would have been better if that had not happened. But it could have also been so much worse, without the trust and understanding of all parties involved.  

    So yes, I would consider it a happy ending.  

    Make it great!

    Wendy Griffis

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