My Client Testimonials

    10/4/2021: This was my second time using Ben Herring. Once again he was great with communicating all details of putting my house up for sale. A goal of four weeks to close was set and Ben made it happen. I recommend using Ben for your next house sale and/or buy.
    9/9/2021: We live in a different city from where we are purchasing. Ben did a magnificent job. He communicated and was very informative throughout the entire process. He wrote as many offers as we asked and never was not available. With the availability and communication he provided,we are forever grateful and highly recommend him for future home buyers. Ben was so awesome, we thank and appreciate him more than words can say.
    9/8/21: Ben was extremely helpful and polite! Never did I sense an “unwanting to help” vibe. In my situation, all tours had to be virtual and he went to every location and video chat while giving the tour. When that wasn’t possible, he took videos and talked over the videos as to make sure I saw everything he did.
    8/10/21: Ben goes above and beyond in everything! His knowledge and availability is more than we could ask for in an agent. He is so personable and makes stressful situations like selling/buying a home fun! We will always use Ben for any real estate needs.
    8/6/21: Ben was very friendly. He had a quick response time for questions I had and drafting up offers. Very knowledgeable about the current market and good with walking you through the process.
    8/5/21: Ben was very patient with us and helped us along as we didn't know a lot as our first time buying a house. Everything turned out great! He even worked with us on his off days to get questions answered and to add houses to our list.
    8/5/21: Our home buying process was quite long and drawn out due to our sellers , however Mr. Herring was very patient and helped us through it. He made himself readily available when we had questions or concerns . He was very professional and continually stayed in contact with our sellers and got things moving for us. We eventually did close on our home and we were able to get to that point, thankfully, with the kind assistance of Mr Herring.
    7/26/2021: Ben was great! He was always willing to help and explain when there was any questions. He explain the process and assisted us every step of the way. Would highly recommend his services.
    7/12/2021: In this seller's market, it felt like mission impossible trying to buy a home. Ben was patient and knowledgeable and was a good sounding board when I got frustrated. In the end, we were able to close on a house that is perfect for us and he was a big part of it. He was genuinely happy for me and my family. I highly recommend Ben Herring!
    7/10/2021: Ben is simply the best! Always attentive, great attention to detail, and knows his stuff. Truly a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!
    7/9/2021: Ben was extremely helpful. Sellers realtor said Ben was the reason why they chose our offer. Very honest and works hard for you! Even with small hiccups, Ben handled them expeditiously.
    6/2/2021: Ben was simply outstanding in every way in a crazy buyer environment. Highly recommend him and would work with him again without hesitation. He was available at all times of the day and answer any question I had.
    5/19/2021: If you are totally first time home buyer. If you need someone really does his job. Ben is right person for you! He helped me out to buying a home and i am 100% satisfied He will guide you 0 to 100 until you don’t have a question anymore ;) Thanks for hard work Ben
    4/14/21: I use Ben to sell two houses. He was very helpful. Basic ideas was given when and what to make the sale a success. Like what needs major improvement but at a low cost, not to do cause the buyers know what they want. We sold in a short period due to his knowledge. I will be using him when I decide to buy.
    3/26/2021: Ben was really helpful and very accommodating even when I asked to see a house last minute. This was a long process (not by his fault) and he made sure I knew what was going on the entire way. Thanks Ben!
    3/1: It was a pleasure working with Mr. Herring during our home sale. His excellent work and guidance supported us from preparing and renovating our home through listing and closing. He was sensitive to our needs, responsive and transparent.
    3/1/2021: From the start communication was too notch. Ben would keep me abreast of the next moves and what should be expected. He thought outside the box when there was a last minute hiccup and because of that I was able to stay true to the closing date. There were times things werent going smoothly and I lost my marbles. He stayed even tempered and professional. I had the feeling I was his only client.I would work with Ben again.
    2/26/2021: It was a pleasure working with Mr. Herring during our home sale. His excellent work and guidance supported us from preparing and renovating our home through listing and closing. He was sensitive to our needs, responsive and transparent.
    2/27/2021: Very helpful. Our house listing was very inviting and the house sold quickly.
    1/26/2021: Very courteous, understanding, empathetic, easy to talk to and prompt with follow up.
    12/14/2021: I actually met Mr. Herring by accident while inquiring about a home for sale. I already had a real estate agent representing me, And he was representing the seller of the house I was looking at. After speaking with him for about 10 minutes my mind was made up that he was going to be my new real estate agent. And, he helped me purchase my home and made everything goes smoothly. I could not think of another person with her buying or selling a House to represent me. The guys top shelf.
    11/30/2021: Great to work with!
    11/29/2020: Ben was always available to help answer questions and provide courses of action I could take. He was never pushy and was always supportive; I felt in control throughout the entire process. As a home seller who resides in a different state, it really gave me a piece of mind to know that I could trust my realtor to be my ambassador and help me make the best decisions. The photos of my house were professionally taken and I believe was one of many aspect that helped sell my house. He went the extra mile to help coordinate vendors who could perform necessary repairs and updates to my house. He is a realtor, but in a way he became my property manager when he became my realtor. I can't thank him enough for getting my house sold. A true professional who I would not hesitate to have again as my realtor. Thank you Ben!
    9/30/2020: Ben did a fantastic job getting my property listed and sold. Anything that he had control over was handling quickly and efficiently. He experience shows through his actions. Would definitely recommend!
    9/17/2020: Ben was very knowledgeable, patient, and through! He helped us become first time homeowners! Being a first time homebuyer can be intimidating and scary, however, Ben was there every step of the way answering any questions we had. We will forever be grateful! I highly recommend Ben!
    8/21/2020: Ben is a great man who is very knowledgeable and friendly he helps you every step of the way and he never takes the small things for granted. I'm glad that I was able to meet him and if I could do it all over again I definitely would!!
    8/12/2020: Ben was a tremendous realtor and help in finding our first home. My fiance was out of state most of the time, and Ben stepped in and left no stone unturned when looking at homes. He was incredibly transparent and disclosed helpful industry knowledge since we were first time home buyers. When we finally found our dream home, his recommendations and expertise allowed our offer to get accepted despite several other offers and avoided a bidding war. We would work with him again in a second!
    7/242020: Ben is knowledgeable about the area and recommended the right amount of renovations to be budget friendly and still sell quick. Great assistance, sold home above asking price. Would recommend!
    6/20/2020: Ben went above and beyond what I expected from a Realtor. He immediately knew the best way to market our home. He was sensitive to our circumstances during the COVID19 pandemic and considered our health and safety through each step of the marketing and of the sale. No matter what time, he was always responsive, never let us wait for an answer. He assisted us every step of the way. He is knowledgeable, attentive, considerate, and most of all understanding. If I were to buy or sell again, I would call Ben!
    6/15/2020: Ben was wonderful. He helped me find my first home and was patient while doing so from another state. Ben stayed in constant communication and was able to answer all questions.
    5/22/2020: Thank you Ben for providing clear guidance throughout my buying experience. You were timely in every way and certainly an expert at navigating this process.
    4/23/2020: Our lender recommended Ben with Better Homes and Garden Real Estate. I must say from the beginning Mr. Herring presented himself with very warm and inviting personality. My wife and I explained to him what kind home we wanted, location and price. Mr Herring presented homes to us that were in our guide lines. What we love about Mr Herring is that He was always available. If we call him at night we always get a phone call back. We would constantly apologize for calling him after hours but He always would says "No Problem." The house we finally found was perfect for us. So the process started Mr Herring was with us all way. Even when the appraisal came lower than the asking price. Mr Herring when to work for us and manage to get the appraisal price for the house!!! We closed on the house on April 16, 2020!!! Professional, fair, honest, and funny. He made himself a friend
    2/29/2020: Ben was extremely helpful not only with viewing properties, but more importantly with the VA process, working with our lender, and with handling a complicated closing. Ben got us into our dream home and for that we're forever grateful!
    1/2/2020: Helped me buy my first house, great person, always quick to respond to any questions, patient, considerate, explained everything very well, and made everything easier.
    11/28/2019: After having bought and sold many homes, I never really knew what it was like to have an A+ professional on our team to help us with selling our old and buying our new home. My first interaction with Ben was somewhat of a test - we hadn't signed a contract with him to represent us yet, and in our first discussion I told him we wanted to revisit a home we had visited during an open house. Through our discussion I discovered his service as a US Army Officer - I thought as a former Air Force Officer I'd lay a challenge down on him... I asked that due to his clearly superior land force navigation skills, he should meet us at the house at precisely 1:15pm. I was excited to have pulled into the driveway at 1:14pm, and with no cars in sight, I thought I had him. As the clock turned 1:15 he came down the road at met us exactly on time. Truly impressive - and a clear sign of the same dedication to his clients that he has afforded our nation. At the time, we told Ben we were looking to sell our home to a corporate home buyer for convenience. Ben leaned forward and as a "just in case that doesn't work out for you guys", came to our home, took pictures, took pictures of the neighborhood amenities (tennis, pool, lake), and had researched home values in the area. He even went so far as giving us an estimate of home sale value and net proceeds for different forms of sale. All this with no contract and no commission if we sold to a corporate buyer, which was our primary choice (so we could dictate closing date). I was truly amazed that he would go to all those lengths when we were pretty clear (and confident) he wasn't going to sell our home.... Since we liked to throw curve balls at Ben, we then decided to look in a completely different town. One early Saturday morning, my wife and I had researched and found 6 homes we wanted to see in the new area. I texted Ben to let him know, and by 11:00am had ALL 6 line up to see that same day! I couldn't believe it. Our curve balls to Ben weren't done yet. After all that, I was presented an opportunity to change jobs and move 2 hours south - an entire new landscape for buying a new home. We saw a community that had some new builds and decided to take a drive to look around on a Sunday afternoon. The homes were beautiful and although no one was at the main office, we called Ben - this was the first he was hearing of the new job in the new area, and found out we were even looking in the new area. Within 10 minutes of our call, the builder met us and showed us the 3 homes being completed. Again, I was in total awe and astonishment of not only Ben's commitment to our success in finding our dream house, but to his ability to roll with the punches and take very significant changes in stride. We had finally found our new home, but were still left with the chore of selling our house. One corporate buyer low-balled our home value and the other gave us a reasonable value however estimated a fortune in repairs (almost $30K) - we would have barely broken even on our home. So we called Ben. Ben recommended about $1K in repairs/updates, immediately listed and set up 2 open houses. We had 2 offers in less than 2 weeks. We cleared nearly $40K at closing, all thanks to Ben. I honestly can't say enough about Ben as a Real Estate Agent - I only hope that if/when we ever need his services again, he'll be available for us once more.
    10/17/2019: Ben has been an absolute blessing throughout our home buying experience. This adventure began in February of 2019 and culminated in purchasing the house, that fit our every need, in October and Ben has been a perfect gentleman from day one. Never pushy , demanding, or exasperated with our persnicketiness (at least that we knew about). Always patient and willing to go the extra mile to help us with our first home buying experience, even letting us know what was and wasn't an unreasonable expectation. If your looking to purchase a home, we highly recommend Ben Herring to help you successfully reach that goal, and to do it with joy. And one more major plus, he proudly served our country overseas in a war zone as an Officer in the US Army, having graduated from the Military Academy at West Point. We consider him a patriot and a friend. Now go give him a call before he decides to achieve some new goal in his life and you have to settle for second best.
    10/1/2019: First time home buyers and we dreaded it!!!! But, We had a great time looking for our forever home with Ben. He helped us to understand what we needed to keep in mind when looking (his 80/20 advice is definitely spot on!) and making our final decision. No matter the time of day or night, he always promptly responded with answers. We were always in the loop. Stress free home buying experience all around. We will definitely recommend to all of our friends
    10/1/2019: Ben was extremely knowledgeable and provided expert advice and assistance every step of the way. He takes his responsibility of representing his client very seriously and goes the extra mile to accomplish the task. He was immediately responsive to calls or texts and kept us informed of any changes or issues that came up. Ben actually volunteered to help accomplish tasks that technically do not fall under a realtor's job description. What started as a purely business relationship quickly grew into a personal relationship. When I need to sell or buy a house in the future, I will definitely reach out and work with Ben
    9/24/2019: Ben is excellent and will continue to find a house for you that fits your needs. He helped us look for over 6 months. He helped getting all the paperwork in order and if we needed to sign something he was quick to notify us.
    7/10/2019: This was my first time searching and buying a home. I wasn't entirely sure what area I wanted to live in But Ben showed me a new subdivision in Dodson Lake with newly constructed homes that had everything I wanted. I'd recommend Ben as a great realtor.
    3/27/2019: Great job! I was looking at very complex and daunting sale of my mother's estate. Ben, very patiently, walked me through the entire process. He is knowledgeable, well experienced, and very savvy. I really appreciate his professional and personable approach. I highly recommend him.
    2/7/2019: Awesome agent with a lot of good affiliation. Used all of his recommendations from lender to home inspection and got the best prices and most prompt service. Start to finish bought a house with a VA loan in 2 weeks with no issues. And he is just a generally good person. Ben is the agent you want.
    1/12/2019: Ben worked with me to purchase a rental property. I cant say enough good things about him. He is knowledgeable, very hardworking and personable. All forms and documents were submitted on time. I was able to close within a month. I plan to use him for future sales or purchase.
    10/15/2018: My most recent move was the 7th real estate transaction I have had. Ben Herring is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. He was extremely responsive and went above and beyond his responsibilities as a realtor to sell my house. If you are looking for a realtor, I would highly recommend Ben !
    10/12/2018: My most recent move was the 7th real estate transaction I have had. Ben Herring is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. He was extremely responsive and went above and beyond his responsibilities as a realtor to sell my house.
    9/8/2018: On a whim, my husband and I entered our contact information into a site looking for a real estate agent, and hoped for the best... and honestly, that's exactly what we got. Less than 24 hours after our initial phone call we met with Ben. He listened, was organized, and overall made our metro Atlanta house hunt a pleasant experience. Even when we ran into bumps in the road, his even temperament, solid advice, and sunny outlook helped us to put things into perspective. I would confidently recommend him to anyone. You will be hard pressed to find a more trustworthy, dedicated, and timely agent in the metro Atlanta area. Don't take a gamble with your time and satisfaction. Go with Ben!
    9/5/2018: Ben was fantastic through the entire process of selling our home and purchasing a new one. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions quickly whenever we called
    5/22/2018: We were pleased with Ben Herring's attentive and informed help along the entire process of listing and then selling our house. We would be quick to recommend his services to anyone looking to sell their house.
    5/21/2018: Ben was very personable, attentive, and not overbearing. Ben was accessible to my schedule, very knowledgeable to my questions and resourceful to things that he did not know at the time. Ben was able to meet me on my time no matter the day of the week and time. I was able to contact been and receive immediate attention and replies. Ben not only gave me his personal opinions but professional as well. This kind of knowledge was invaluable to my decision making. I never hesitated to contact him for anything that I needed because he always made me feel like I was his top priority.
    4/20/2018: Ben was knowledgeable and savvy in helping me buy a dream home that quite a few people were bidding on. He got my offer in front of the sellers quickly and facilitated details that resulted in acceptance of my offer. Then he followed through on every detail to closing. Thank you, Ben!
    4/17/2018: Ben has a breadth of knowledge in real estate that spans both the retail and wholesale (investors) segments of real estate! He operates across a wide geography all across metro Atlanta and surrounding counties! He is very helpful, pleasant to work with, and often goes above and beyond the call of duty! Ben is also an expert on HUD properties and I have come to rely on him to win bids for me. Over the last few years, I have done a lot of business with Ben and he has helped me in both buying and selling properties. Ben's knowledge in real estate is unparalleled and I highly recommend him to both retail buyers and investors!
    3/20/2018: Ben was amazing! He is very responsive and a pitbull. He is very professional and really cares for his clients. He is very respectful when he is with his clients, he made us feel as if we were his only ones when we were with him. The best realtor EVER hands down!!! Thank you Ben for being the best part of our home buying process!
    1/4/2018: He is the BEST! From the first day we met he stated his role and he executed it well. He gathered ALL necessary information to make our journey pain free. He was straight forward and extremely genuine. Once we found our home we wanted to close in less than a month--Ben made it HAPPEN! His professionalism, great humor and positive attitude made us feel comfortable and trustworthy in doing business with him.
    1/1/2018: Ben was by far the best real estate agent I've ever experienced. No amount of questions were ever too much, and he made my husband and I feel like we were number one. He is amazing at what he does and i would recommend him to everyone!
    1/1/2018: Ben was extremely professional and kind. He made my wife and I feel like we were his number one customers. Quick responses and made our buying process so easy. We were first time buyers and this experience was flawless all because of his charisma, diligence, and humor.
    12/31/2017: Getting a property, a house in particular, is not really easy. But with an agent like Ben Herring, it makes it easier because he is always there when you need him, very accommodating, and helpful in any way. We recommend him because he is one of, if not, the best! You won't regret it.
    11/16/2017: Ben was very attentive, returned calls immediately, understood what I was looking for without me having to repeat myself, explained in detail each process and answered all my questions patiently. He also followed up a few weeks after the closing and has remained in touch.
    11/16/2017: Ben was my realtor in purchasing my current house. He was very patient, never pushed or coerced me into buying any house until I found what I really liked. I will use him again anytime.
    11/14/2017: He works tirelessly to help sellers obtain the maximum value for their homes and to help buyers find homes to suit their needs. I used him to both buy and sell homes in 2008 and 2016. He is energetic, smart, and funny!
    9/19/2017: Ben was amazing. My home buying experience was a little unique because at the time I was not living in the state that I was looking to buy my home in so I really relied on Ben to be my eyes. He listened to exactly what I needed, wanted, and my "got to haves" and in the end he found my perfect home negotiated the price down to and got me into my very first home. What could have been an overwhelming process for a first time home buyer, Ben actually made it seem easy. He work closely with my loan agents to make sure everything ran smoothly and he really with over and beyond. He even bought me my first housewarming gift! I've been in my home for two months now and Ben still checks up on me, and I truly appreciate that.
    8/29/2018/2017: Ben was always very thorough with details about the properties he would show us. He also made sure he sent us information on all available properties in our price range. If we picked a property to look at he would make sure he got enough information about that property to give us a good idea of what the property had or did not have. He is respectful of our time and courteous at all times. We would definitely refer anyone to Ben who is looking for property, he is very patient and tries to do what he can to make our search a good experience.
    8/18/2017: Ben and his team were exceptionally attentive. They provided me excellent service with full support from the time of the offer all the way to the day of closing. The whole experience was very transparent and I was constantly updated on progression. In a nutshell, I am extremely pleased!! I love my home!! Thank you again Ben-Jamming!!
    6/16/2017: Ben was the first real estate agent my husband and I had the pleasure to work with and it was a great experience. Ben is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance. He always looked out for our best interest and needs and was also very patient with us while we found our perfect starter home. We will definitely contact him when we decide to sell and buy another home. We highly recommend Ben and his services to anyone we know
    4/27/2017: Ben goes over and beyond to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you find that home he helps every step of the way from beginning to end. He's the best. They had a issue with the set closing date due to an issue with their new houses closing date and Ben was able to get the date moved that worked for all of us
    Professional courteous service with great attention to detail! Would definitely recommend Ben to anyone looking for A+service

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    • Graduate - United States Military Academy at West Point
    • Licensed Real Estate Professional, 2007
    • Licensed Associate Broker, 2019

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    • Graduate, REALTOR ® Institute / GRI
    • Certified Residential Specialist / CRS
    • Certified Military Relocation Professional / MRP
    • Seller Representative Specialist / SRS
    • Cartus Network Affinity Specialist Certification
    • Cartus Certified Agent Advantage
    • National Association of Realtors
    • Georgia Association of Realtors
    • Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors

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