Decorating Your Patio for Warm Weather

    Decorating Your Patio for Warm Weather

    Jun 12, 2018

    Depending on your budget, you can either make sweeping changes to your home, or instead just pick and choose items for limited updates. Let your budget and your taste guide you to the accents that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

    1. Use Wallpaper Creatively

    Wallpaper is best in small doses, particularly when you choose the bold prints that are perfect for spring. The good news is that small pieces of wallpaper used cleverly are actually far more economical than applying swaths to the walls of an entire room (and easier to remove too).

    You can use wallpaper to line the shelves of your kitchen cabinetry and drawers, underneath the glass top of an end table for a pop of color, or as a piece of artwork if you display it in a picture frame. Choose a bold and colorful floral pattern for a sweet and springy update. The cost of wallpaper varies widely depending on the print and brand you choose, but you can reasonably expect to find a roll that can cover up to 50 square feet for less than $50.

    2. Plant Indoor Flowers

    Nothing says “warm weather” quite like bouquets of fresh flowers. At a cost of $20 to $50 for a bouquet of cut blooms, however, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to consistently decorate your rooms with the fresh bouquets they deserve.

    Instead, plant indoor flowers. African violets, peace lilies, and guppy plants do well indoors and boast vivid blooms, as long as the indoor conditions are right. Plant these beauties in bright planters for enjoyable bouquets of color that won’t quickly wither. The price varies on the plant you choose, but individual African violets cost less than $4 at typical nurseries. Terracotta pots for plants this small cost less than $2 apiece. You can leave them unfinished or paint them for a boost of color and energy.

    3. Swap Out Your Coverlets

    Warm winter bedding is known for rich colors and heavy fabrics, which is a must for cold weather. But when the weather outside warms, you need to put away your heavy comforters and blankets for lighter coverlets.

    You can approach the endeavor in several different ways, such as switching your heavy winter duvet for a bright one, purchasing a light comforter, or placing a light and colorful blanket on top of your existing pieces. The point is to infuse your room with updated textiles that are lighter and brighter than their wintertime counterparts. For instance, a room that is decorated with gray paint and a dark purple comforter would probably benefit from the addition of a white coverlet on the bed for a bright update to the room. If you take this approach, you can expect to spend less than $100 on the throw blanket.

    4. Add Beachy Glass Vases

    Glass decor takes on a refreshing vibe when pieces are placed in the sunlight. Display an assortment of both clear and colorful glass vases on a bare shelf for an update that looks like it’s from the pages of “Coastal Living Magazine” – and consider filling the vases with rocks, marbles, or single stems of fake or dried flowers. You can purchase three glass vases to start your display for less than $60, and rocks or marbles for the entire arrangement won’t cost you more than $10.

    5. Purchase Accent Pillows

    Refresh your bedroom and living room by replacing your accent pillows with new ones that boast colorful and bright textures and patterns. You can find beautiful accent pillows for about $15 to 20 apiece at inexpensive retailers such as Target or Walmart. Look for a mix of colorful floral prints and pillows that have a rustic texture, like burlap and canvas. The mixture of textures ensures that the springy colors aren’t overwhelming. You may be surprised at how different your room looks with just four new pillows for $80.