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    My Client Testimonials

    Craig Miller made a recommendation for you: In over 27 years of moves with the military, Arlene is the best realtor we ever had. In speaking to her initially, it was clear she was knowledgeable, listened to her clients, acted proactively, and would follow through on what we discussed. We've worked with numerous agents in myriad locations and market conditions, but no one was better than Arlene. She went well beyond what was required, even to the point of securing repairs and finding contractors for us since we live out of State. She even cleaned something she found that needed attention! She is phenomenal. Most importantly, she is a good listener and communicator. She listened to our needs and desires, followed through with action, secured critical information from other realtors showing our home, and made sure every detail was followed to achieve superb results. Bottom line--there is no one better. Hire her!
    Michael & Rebecca McCool made a recommendation for you: Arlene is a fantastic realtor! We worked with her when we bought a previous home. We used her as our realtor to sell that home and buy our current home. She is very knowledgeable about everything housing related. We had very specific requirements for our new home and she helped us find the perfect home and then got us into it because of her experience in the business. We highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling. It was a pleasure to work with Arlene.
    Adam made a recommendation for you: Arlene really went above and beyond when she helped me purchase my home. She was very understanding and easy to talk to and she was available at any time of the day to help answer questions and show different properties. The best thing about working with Arlene was that she followed up with me after the purchase of my home to make sure I was happy with everything and if there was anything wrong she was willing to go out of her way to make it right. Thanks Arlene!
    Jason Kitten made a recommendation for you: I am thoroughly impressed with Arlene Encinas! I have worked with several other agents in the past and can not say enough good things about Arlene! Attentive to detail, responsive and incredibly efficient. Arlene always requested my feedback on relevant details and was very informative responding to my questions and inquiries. I will recommend Arlene Encinas any and every opportunity I get! Thank you Arlene for helping us find and aquire the wonderful home that fit every criteria we requested, I look forward to working with you again.
    LC Robinson made a recommendation for you: Mrs. Arlene was an amazing realtor. She went above and beyond to meet our house hunting needs. Her honesty and sincerity when we were looking at possible houses was invaluable. She was very comfortable to work with matched by a sweet demeanor with no pressure to buy. She truly cared about us finding the right house for us. With her help and expertise we did just that. I can't imagine another realtor doing a better job, or caring more than Mrs. Arlene. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thanks for helping us find our perfect home Mrs. Arlene!
    Scott Moon made a recommendation for you: Arlene took the time to work with us, and was very patient while we aimlessly wandered around houses, to figure out what it was that we were even looking for in a new home. She has been great, and her work ethic, and knowledge matched my expectations.
    Daniel S. made a recommendation for you: Arlene was extremely professional and extraordinarily responsive. Continued to look at homes with me while I had one under contract. Her extra effort and relentless ability to secure any and every showing requested was amazing. by going the extra mile, Arlene helped us ensure our new home and the home buying process was error free. Her partnerships and closing expertise are the best we have seen with over 17 moves in the past. Arlene helped us buy our home in Farmington this February and we have been extremely pleased. I have and will continue to recommend her services. She is amazing (created and presented an offer that went into her planned birthday dinner with her family) and her customers come first!
    David Pyle made a recommendation for you: Arlene Encinas was available from the very first day we got a hold of her. There was already an offer on the house we wanted and she helped us quickly go see it and put an offer in as soon as possible. She always answered my texts and calls. She was updating us throughout the whole process. We wanted to close earlier and she helped us do that. Arlene really helped with the mortgage lender on keeping them on track. I felt like they were not really caring about getting back to me but when I let Arlene know she emailed them and they got back. I really appreciated her help in that aspect. She was kind and professional throughout all of our interactions. I would recommend Arlene Encinas because of all the above reason. I will definitely be using her for our realtor in the future. This was such an enjoyable experience.
    Melinda S. made a recommendation for you: Arlene does a great job and the number one way she stands out is - she cares! She is as dedicated to sell your house for a good price as you are. She is honest with you and with potential buyers as well. She is willing to do whatever it takes to reputably carry out real estate transactions. She works hard for her commission and earns every penny of it! You can't go wrong in hiring Arlene.
    Ashlee Walton made a recommendation for you: I loved working with Arlene. I could call her or text at any time of day and she would answer any question I had. She offered excellent advice and service and helped me get into my home has quickly as possible. She went out of her way to meet with me late in the evening to put an offer in last minute and always seemed to put my needs first.
    Donna B. made a recommendation for you: I would recommend Arlene Encinas to everyone! She is Awesome! She helped me in a time of need. During a hard divorce and a short time period to find a new place, she was there and went out of here way for me. I am a single mom with a 5 yr old trying to find a home that worked for me and my daughter and Arlene was constantly showing me homes to consider. She listened to my needs and wants when finding homes for us. Arlene is Very knowledgeable. She was like a really good friend to lean on. Even after everything was final with purchase of my new home, Arlene still came by to see how we were. She is very out going, knowledgeable, and cares about her clients. If i were to sell and move again I would only go to Arlene.
    Katrina D. made a recommendation for you: Arlene was organized, thorough, timely and handled every aspect of the business quickly and efficiently. I would use her again for any and all real estate transactions. She is truly a gem.
    Eric S. made a recommendation for you: A great person to work with. Her ability to negotiate pricing and listen to her client is what, in my mind made her such an asset. One of the few realtors in my opinion that really steps up to the plate and goes the extra mile. As both a first time home buyer and a Military member I wanted to be sure I was not taken advantage of. Arlene was always consistent, following up on all of my questions. She also was patient with me through the selection process. I could not be happier with my selection of Arlene as a realtor and her insightful input that allowed me to purchase my first house. She has helped me buy more than just a home, she has become a partner in making astute real-estate decisions
    Paul Johnston made a recommendation for you: Arlene handled the sale of my home in Ogden. She is extremely punctilious and goes the extra mile to make sure things are handled well. She helped me look at a ton of homes before I found my place. The transaction was smooth and almost effortless. She handled calls on off hours and really just is the best realtor I've dealt with. Would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.
    Calah Lopez made a recommendation for you: Arlene was great! She showed us what felt like 1,000 properties to find our perfect home. She was very patient and immediately responded to all our requests . She looked out for our best interests and took the time to make sure everything was correct and on time. The best real estate agent I have met!
    Fred M. made a recommendation for you: Arlene did a great job for the Martinez family, not only was she a professional in the way she responded to any of our questions, call backs etc. she also treated us like friends not just customers. Thanks Arlene
    Chuck & Kristi P. made a recommendation for you: Arlene is a true example of "above and beyond" , she goes beyond the extra mile, extra hours, relentless pursuit of avenues and choices...getting into a log home was a challenge and we gave up once...she came through when we lost hope. We can't thank her enough for all her efforts. Top pick in my book of customer service and overall satisfaction. Thanks again Arlene
    Jan M. made a recommendation for you: Dear Arlene, Thank you so much for all your hard work and support in assisting me to obtain a wonderful home. You assisted me in every way possible to make the process smooth and uncomplicated. You followed through on your end and always looked out for my interests. Thank you seems so little and so trite but I am truly grateful for all your hard work and friendship through what could have been a difficult process. Everything fell into place and I am loving my new home. Thanks again, Jan
    Brent S. made a recommendation for you: Arlene, Thank you so much for your optimism. You gave me hope when I was about to give up! It was a pleasure to work with you. I will be sending you many clients! You deserve it. Thanks again!
    Jenny Catalano made a recommendation for you: She went above and beyond, I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs an agent. Arlene, was absolutely the BEST agent. She went above and beyond to pull this difficult transaction. She hung in there when most agents would have given up and left it to someone else. We feel that she really did have our best interests at heart and put her all into it to make the closing happen. Jenny Catalano, Home Buyer, Brigham City, UT
    Jacqueline Schoenfeld made a recommendation for you: Arlene was a wonderful and knowledgeable agent. I work overnights and so my schedule is difficult to work with, yet she had no problem. She was able to conform to my schedule as well as help me get it done in a timely manner. She has wonderful negotiation skills and will get you the best deal. I would recommend Arlene to anyone who is in the market for a new home.
    C. P. Master made a recommendation for you: I highly recommend Arlene as a buying agent in the Ogden area. She was incredibly responsive and available, responding within minutes to texts and calls even on holidays and late hours, and was with us on every step of the buying process, including the entire home inspection and closing process. She was knowledegable, tenacious, and proactive in engaging our lender and the selling agent. At the same time, I felt like she was patient, and I did not feel rushed to make any decisions or complete the sale. I really felt like she was in our corner, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.
    Stephen & Miriam made a recommendation for you: Arlene is the absolute Best at what she does! Arlene's endless energy and determination brought us to our new home! I have the utmost respect and admiration for her as a professional and a person. She worked what seemed like endless hours to accommodate us and our crazy schedule. I was delighted to see someone so very dedicated and on top of things! As I stated, Arlene is the absolute BEST I have ever seen in her field! Thanks again and we appreciate you! Stephen and Miriam
    Zachary Ward made a recommendation for you: Arlene was a great help and really cared about us. She helped us find the home we wanted and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. She was always willing to fight for us and our needs.
    Rebecca & Michael M. made a recommendation for you: Arlene Encinas was a wonderful realtor. We had a deadline that we were trying to meet, so finding a house in a timely manner was very important for us. We were out of the state, so Arlene worked with us and with my parents to find a house that would meet our needs. As soon as my parents contacted her, she started calling and emailing every house that she found that would work for us. She immediately set appointments so my parents could look at houses with her. When they found a house that would work, Arlene took pictures and emailed them to us for our approval. Arlene was there during the entire closing process. When we got to Utah, she personally brought us the key to our house. We love our house! We could not have made this move as quickly and easily as we did without Arlene's help. She is a great realtor and she definitely looks out for her clients.
    Scott Kearney made a recommendation for you: I have good realtors and I have had bad ones. Arlene Is easily the best I have dealt with. She showed me every home I wanted to see, was willing to deal with any whether I was willing to deal with (we looked at houses with at least 6 inches of snow sticking to the streets with no snow plows in sight and snow still coming down), she made time whenever I had time, stayed up late writing up offers, and was able to think outside the box to help me get what I was looking for. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Arlene. If you are looking to buy a house there is no one that would better to have on your side and if or when I sell my house she is the realtor I will be working with!
    JMG made a recommendation for you: Arlene was very responsive and always returned phone calls, emails or texts right away, including weekends. She was very pleasant to work with and knowledgable.
    Jack Bushaw made a recommendation for you: Arlene was the best realtor I have ever worked with. She was always there when I needed to ask her questions and she always had the answer or found the answer and got right back to me ASAP. I would recommend her to anyone and would use her as a realtor for myself if I decide to sell or buy again in the future.
    D. Spitale made a recommendation for you: I loved working with Arlene, she is interested in finding the home that fits the client. Arlene was attentive and very patient. She is knowledgeable and very professional.
    James B. made a recommendation for you: Arlene did an excellent job with taking the time to understanding my goals and desires in my home search, and tailoring her efforts to help meet them. She was very willing to take point in helping find properties, but was equally willing to step back and follow interests I located on my own. It felt like her number one priority was to insure I found the house I was looking for, and not to force feed me properties that was on a predetermine agenda. She was also very helpful in all aspects of the process, including recommending professionals in all other areas of the process as well, such as financing and home inspection. We chased a couple of rabbit holes at my request, and even looked at a couple of properties that didn't pan out more than once, but the whole time she was very patient with me. I will certainly be working with Arlene again in the future when it comes time to sell my other house, and for any future real estate needs that may arise as well. I whole heartily recommend, not only getting a buyer's agent if you are in the market, but to specifically consider Arlene.
    Rebecca made a recommendation for you: She is honest and really had our best interests in mind. She has the knowledge and experience. Even after closing, she is still helping us out! She surpassed our expectations and we would do business with her again in a heartbeat and recommend to everyone who is looking to buy a home.
    Amie Villiard made a recommendation for you: Arlene is honest and goes out of her way for her clients ! I Love working with her . fast results and never late on contracts. She's busy for a reason . She produces fast results and probably needs a nice vacation !
    Steve Wikoff made a recommendation for you: I've known Arlene since High School. When I needed a resource for my transition from California to Hawaii, Arlene knew immediately what to do and put me in contact with an agent that concluded my transition. Her professionalism and business acumen made my transition a perfect success.
    Derrick Dutson made a recommendation for you: Arlene was great to work with from all perspectives. She helped us with negotiations, finding the perfect home for our family and in every aspect of buying our home. She listened to what we wanted in a home. I would strongly recommend her and would go with her again without hesitation.
    Shelley Cornfeld made a recommendation for you: Arlene was completely awesome during our home buying process. We could tell that she had her heart in assisting us. I couldn't have asked for a better agent
    Amie made a recommendation fo you: If you are in the market for a new home Arlene is absolutely the best agent. She will work with you on your schedule and get you the best deal. Not only that she helps you understand the process
    Justin McCoy made a recommendation for you: Thank you so much for all your care, time and love. Angela and I are happy with you and our home.
    Jasmine Meza made a recommendation for you: Arlene was very helpful, we were first time buyers. Arlene was very patient and nice. I would totally recommend her to my family and friends and I would totally go back to her in the future
    Michael McIntyre made a recommendation for you: Very knowledgeable, on top of deadlines, caring and compassionate

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