Why list your home with Me?

    Why list your home with Me?

    Jan 20, 2021

    As a REALTOR® I am proud to offer exceptional services to my Clients. But frankly, any REALTOR® worth their weight is going to offer a set number of services that allow your property to "hit" the market where you live. That is critically important as most homes are sold to people within a 5 mile radius of your home.

    Today's shrinking World however requires a more thoughtful, insightful and wider strategic plan to get your house in front of as many people as possible. ONE of the truly unique ways that I do that for my Clients is through ListGlobally.

    ListGlobally is an international platform that allows me to put your house listing in front of people all over the world. In fact more than 165 Million additional consumers that are not in the United States, across 101 portals and 61 Countries. Real Estate today is about exposure and access. By taking this extra step in your listing, your property is available to more and more people from around the World.

    Your homes listing will be translated to the appropriate language on each portal along with an easy and safe way to contact me directly regarding your home.

    When you choose a REALTOR® be sure to choose one who understands the importance of Exposure on the World Stage. There is so much more to Real Estate today than just making a flyer and posting a sign in your yard. In fact there is much, much more that must happen on the back side of the Real Estate Business to ensure your success of selling your beautiful home.