Bianca left Green Lake twice and came back both times, saying it was always the small town closeness that pulled her back. She attended college in Iowa, where she earned a degree in Sports Management and Marketing. Bianca later worked in Chicago and Milwaukee but knew Green Lake was where her heart was.

    ¿I love Green Lake because everyone knows one another, neighbors care for each other, and people are always there for you, no matter what.¿

    Bianca¿s parents owned a bowling alley in Ripon, where she says she learned hospitality and customer service at a very early age. She was taught it doesn¿t take much to go the extra mile for someone but it makes all the difference.

    That same passion for the customer is what Bianca loves about selling real estate. She enjoys listening to what makes people happy and finding something special that¿s just right for them. Developing personal relationships and showing off Green Lake is what she says is the best part of the job.

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