Do You Love Where You Live, Right Now?

    Do You Love Where You Live, Right Now?

    Feb 11, 2020

    I was recently walking around our home and kind of taking inventory in different rooms of the things that bug me or the things I would like to repair or improve. It got me thinking about when Aimee and I go on pre-listing appointments. We love to meet with people early in the process, even a year or so out and start the conversation about what they may want to do in preparation to get the home ready to sell. Usually when we start walking around, they already have a mental or sometimes physical list of things they have always wanted to do and are deciding to do now to get it ready to sell. By the time we are ready to put the sign in the yard, all these little bothersome things and sometimes bigger projects are done. The sellers typically look around and say, “dang it, why didn’t we do that sooner so we could have enjoyed it?”

    SO, I challenge you to Love where you live RIGHT NOW, regardless of when or if you ever plan to move. Walk around your home room by room and start a list. List out anything that you have always wanted to do from a major project, to painting, all the way down to a broken light switch plate. Then, as you have time and resources, start checking those things off. You would be surprised if you spent $3.00 and took 5 minutes to replace that broken switch plate now, how great it will make you feel about your home. Do it for you, enjoy these things now, why not?

    Love where you live now, you will be glad you did!

    Carri and Aimee