6 Things About Selling Your Home In The Winter

    6 Things About Selling Your Home In The Winter

    Dec 03, 2017

    Are you the Seller saying you are going to list your home in the spring? If you are, you could be losing out! Winter months can be the best time of the year to sell a home. Why?

    1) Buyers looking in the winter months are likely serious about purchasing a home. Agents are not going to show Buyers homes in the winter if they know the Buyer is not ready to purchase until spring or summer.

    2) You have less competition in the marketplace during winter months. What a great time to showcase your home. Homes during the holidays are warm and inviting. There is nothing that screams home like a nice warm fire burning in the fireplace.

    3) I am in Maine, so I know there is snow on the ground in the winter, so make sure your photos have spring and fall pictures so Buyers know what the outside grounds look like and that you do have a lawn.

    4) Price the house right! You want your home to sell in the winter and not have it be around when the market picks up in the spring and Buyers see fresh homes. Homes tend to sell much quicker when they are listed at a fair price.

    5) You know they want to BUY and they know you want to SELL. Lets not be fooled by this, if your home is listed in the winter you do want to sell and a buyer does not just wander in not to buy. Compromising in the winter is not a bad thing for both sides, and if you are moving south....how about not paying the oil bill in the winter anymore? Sign me up!

    6) Finally the words we do not want to read! CLEAN and DECLUTTER! I am the first one to admit I keep "things", which I was recently reminded of this from my 3 children when we cleaned out our home, but when selling you MUST clean and remove all clutter! Bottom-line is Buyers want to see a clean non-cluttered home. In the mind of a Buyer Clean + Decluttered = Value It pays off!

    So list your home in the wintertime and get ready to move!

    Gary Jordan Jr. is a REALTORĀ® in Maine and has offices in Bangor and Belfast, Maine. He provides real estate solutions for both Buyers and Sellers, works with Veterans and provides clients with unparalleled service. You can learn more about Gary and real estate in Maine at www.sellmainehomes.com You can also directly contact Gary at garyjordan@masiello.com or call / text him at 207-745-8814.