Should My Parrot Be In My Real Estate Photo?

    Should My Parrot Be In My Real Estate Photo?

    Feb 15, 2018

    You think I am kidding when I say "should my Parrot be in my real estate photo?" Are we selling the Parrot or house? Sellers, lets review a couple of items. A.) Most Buyers will see your home for sale on the internet before ever driving by it. B.) The photos taken should be good quality, clear, high resolution (No Thumbnails), and capture the charm of the house. I do not think the Parrot is charming enough to sell the house.

    As a home-seller you do have control over all photos used in listing your home. You should review photos with your agent and ask why did you use that photo? All agents should know the answer. A trained real estate agent will also discuss how they will stage a photo. This normally involves lots of cleaning, polishing and packing items away.

    Here are six items not to capture in a real estate photo.

    1) Dirty Dishes

    No Buyer wants to see your dirty dishes. Selling your home requires the kitchen to be spotless! Prepare before the photographer gets there and clean and put kitchen items away. You want the sink to be cleaned but also the counter-tops. I have a 3 items rule. You can keep three items on the counter-top and I am go to pick what 3 items.

    2) Clothing

    Unless you have a walk-in closet like a movie-star that is perfectly neat, your clothing should be put away. Buyers do not wants to see the Clothes Dryer with a stack of clothes on it, or dirty clothes hanging all over your Bedroom and on the floor.

    3) Pets

    We all love our pets, but they should not be in the real estate photo. They do not contribute anything to the photo and the fact of the matter is some Buyers just do not like animals. If you are selling a farm, then OK. This little guy below followed me around the house as I was taking photos, but he is not in the real estate photo. I did however email a picture to his owner.

    4) Clutter

    A photographers nightmare! Hard to capture the room when there are too many other things to look at. Where do you find clutter? Everywhere. The top of the refrigerator, the magnetic and photos all over it, counter-tops, bookcases, night stands, window sills, too much furniture in the room, too many plants, bathroom counters you can go on and on. You are moving anyway, clean first. CLUTTER= Less Value CLEAN= More Value

    5) Toilet Seat Up

    Yuck! That is just nasty. Keep it closed and make sure it is clean!

    6) Trash Can

    No one wants to see a trash can even if it is stainless steel. Get rid of everything that is normally around your trash can, bottles, plastic bags and boxes. You are always trying for a nice clean look in your home. No picture of your trash can.

    Now back to the Parrot, when your home is for sale and it's listed for $500,000. Your trash can in the middle of the Living Room with your Parrot should not be in the real estate photo. True story, I can not make that up!

    Gary Jordan Jr. is a REALTOR® located in Bangor, Maine. He provides real estate solutions for Buyers and Sellers. His clients are provided with unparalleled services. You can learn more about Gary and real estate in Maine at his website. You can also directly email Gary .

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