My Dog Will Not Bite

    My Dog Will Not Bite

    Mar 09, 2018

    Have you ever opened up a door and seen teeth and hear growling on the other side of a door? I have!! How can a house showing go well when that happens? It can not go well and normally does not go at all. Next house please.

    I know, I know, you're dog will not bite (yes it will). Buyers do not want to have a dog in the house when they are trying to determine if they want to buy your house. That is the bottom-line! Dogs get in the way and some Buyers just do not like dogs.

    1) How about if the dog runs outside? (I am not running after it)

    2) How about if the Buyers do not like dogs? (Its true, not everyone like dogs)

    3) What happens if it does bite them? (and that would be me) Who is paying the bill at the hospital?

    What to do?

    1) Take your dog with you.

    2) Can a family member or friend take the dog until showing is over?

    3) If all else fails at least place the dog in a home kennel. Do not just put it in a room because its possible a Buyer could just open the door and walk into that room. Plus they want to see all parts of your house, not seeing one room because the dog is in it will just not cut it.

    Remember people are coming to your home in hopes of buying it. The dogs does not know them and we are walking into the dogs territory. Buyers and Agents and Buyers do not want to be distracted or bitten by a dog. It happens!

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