Home For Sale, Stop The Car

    Home For Sale, Stop The Car

    Jan 24, 2018

    So you're driving around looking at homes for sale and you see a real estate sign on the front lawn of a home. Looks like no one is home? I think it could be vacant? Stop the car, lets go check it out!

    Your mind is racing because, we are going to get a deal, this is our dream home, its a fixer-upper just what we are looking to buy! Whatever the reason to stop it is not OK to wander onto the property.

    Lets think about this for just a second.

    1) Do you think maybe you are trespassing?

    2) How about if there is a security system and the police have been called?

    3) How about if the house is not vacant and you're walking, peeping into windows, touching door knobs? Maybe there is a person inside the home with a gun and that person doesn't know you and has no clue what you are up to.

    In the world we live in today, just turn on the TV, go on the internet and it's not too hard to find News on home invasions. You now could be that home invader.

    Even if the house is completely vacant, what is the condition of the home inside? I once went into a vacant home with no power to show it and I noticed very high humidity, I walked around with my flashlight and then opened the basement door only to find water 20 inches deep in the basement. Another home I went to the basement was 6 feet deep in water!

    4) How about walking into a house and falling into an open Well? That's what the photo below is. This open Well was right in the Foyer of a home as you walk in. If you are thinking to yourself you would see that...ummmm maybe not, because you would have been looking up at all the mold on the ceiling and suddenly you could be in that hole and you're gone! Looking into that hole....very scary, right out of a horror movie.

    If you go into vacant homes, you do not know if the house could have been used or is being used to manufacture drugs. One wrong move and boom! You are up in smoke! Maybe there is a bad guy in the house who just doesn't want to have a cup of tea with you.

    The real fact is you are placing yourself and anyone with you in possible danger. Do not go into vacant homes alone or without permission. Walking around on vacant property when you are welcomed, takes some practice. There could be open holes, exposed live wiring, water in the basement, unsafe structural items and people living on the property.

    A Real Estate sign is not a welcome mat to go onto the property. Please call the telephone number on the sign, if you have an agent, setup an appointment. Be smart and safe when looking for a home to buy.

    Gary Jordan Jr. is a REALTOR® located in Bangor, Maine and travels through out Maine. He provides real estate solutions for Buyers and Sellers. His clients are provided with unparalleled services. You can learn more about Gary and real estate in Maine at his website. You can also directly email Gary .

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