Is This A Housing Bubble?

    Is This A Housing Bubble?

    Mar 17, 2021

    You might be wondering if the housing market will crash given the high demand, record prices, and bidding wars. The short answer is “there is no bubble.” It would be natural to assume the same thing is happening that led up to the economic crash in 2008. However, the influences are very different. Below are 3 reasons why you can still sleep at night.

    1.  The limited supply of homes for sale is driving up prices. It is simple economics of supply & demand. Inventory has been declining for years yet buyer interest is increasing.

    2.   Demand has risen as millennials, currently the largest generation in the US, are entering the housing market. Throw in historic low interest rates, the ability to work remotely, and rethinking of housing requirements due to COVID, and now the need exceeds supply.

    3.   Poor lending practices was a big contributor to the housing implosion. If you could breathe you got a loan. Also homeowners used the equity in their homes like an ATM machine and ended up owing more than what their house was worth. As a result, foreclosures and short sales depreciated home values nationwide.  Lending guidelines today are much stricter and refinancing over the last 3 years is 1/3 of what it was 3 years before the crash. 

    Here is a quote in late January from Laurie Goodman, director of Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center, “I’m feeling very optimistic about the health of the US housing market.” Whether buying or selling, contact me to take advantage of today’s great market!