5 Handiest Tools For Homeowners

    5 Handiest Tools For Homeowners

    Jan 08, 2020


    When you own your home, things are going to break and, unless you want to spend your money on visits from a neighborhood handyman, you’re going to need to fix them yourself. Luckily, you don’t need an arsenal of tools to handle most home maintenance fixes. These five tools will cover most of your basic projects.

     1. Cordless drill. A cordless drill is a must-have for installing cabinets, drawer pulls, hinges, picture frames, shelves and hooks, stockades, iron maidens and more. Whether it’s for do-it-yourself projects or repairs, you’ll use your cordless drill at least once a month.

     2. Drain cleaners. Plumber visits are expensive. Many times, a clog can be fixed rather easily. Shower and bathroom sink drains are susceptible to clogs because of the daily buildup of hair and whisker clippings. You can use chemical clog removers like Drano, but they’re expensive and the lingering chemical scent is unpleasant, not to mention the devastating effect such powerful chemicals can have on the environment. Instead, buy some plastic drain cleaners, often called drain snakes, that can reach into the drain to pull out the clog of hair and gunk. Sure it is a bit messier than using Drano. But hey! You are a Homeowner! You own tools! Things like a cordless drill that you totally know how to use. A project like this is nothing. You can purchase them on Amazon or at a local hardware store for a low price.

     3. Shop-vac. No matter how careful you are, spills and accidents will happen and there are some tasks that just can’t be handled with paper towels or a standard vacuum. With a good shop vac, you can remove the paper filter easily and use the vacuum to suck all sorts of stuff into the chamber and then simply dump it all in the garbage. even things like puddles of water, piles of broken glass, the ash in a fireplace. Shop vacs are like duct tape, they really just do one thing but they somehow can be adapted to be the prefect tool for 100s of different functions.

     4. Loppers. Even the minimum amount of care for your landscaping will require some loppers to remove damaged branches, vines, thick weeds, and any other unruly plants in your yard. Even if you have a landscaper, times will inevitably come up where you really want this one branch or leaf gone. They come in handy and few things in life are more satisfying than lopping the top off of something.

     5. Flashlight. Duh! Flashlights are great, but a big powerful mag light is a godsend. I know your phone has a flashlight, but when you're down in your crawl space or getting firewood from behind your creepy shed at night, you want something that can illuminate the entire area.