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    Real estate has always piqued Stephanie's interest from a young age having witnessed her parents along with several mentors invest, not only to find their dream home, but also to build generational wealth to pass onto their loved ones. The transition to real estate was very natural for Scoop. Repeatedly moving for the first 25 years of his life, Scoop understands the emotions of leaving a home you love and the uncertainty of relocating to somewhere new. His experience of being an yoga teacher has taught him creative marketing, strong negotiation skills and how to nimbly and effectively adapt in a constantly shifting market. His #1 focus is to create a smooth, enjoyable experience for his clients, while helping them find that perfect place that feels like home. Being in Hawaii, they have become reacquainted with the deeper connection and responsibility one has to the land and what it means to be stewards of the care for and respect the Earth in such a way that it gives back and provides for each and every one of us. Scoop and Stephanie's goal as Realtors is to go above and beyond to share what knowledge they have about wellness and sustainability so that we can maintain the beauty of Hawaii for generations to come and continue to thrive together as a community. Less More

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