Dollar Store Organization Ideas & Hacks

    Dollar Store Organization Ideas & Hacks

    Sep 08, 2021

    I think it’s pretty well accepted now that the dollar store is a great place for budget finds…If you know what to do with them. These dollar store organizing ideas are creative, useful, and only a buck! We found ideas for every room of your home. Remember, no amount of decor will cut it if you have “stuff” everywhere. So start here before you develop your design plan, and keep your budget in check by using these dollar store organizing ideas!



    Use metal file holders from the dollar store to store onions, garlic and potatoes in your pantry. These are perfect because they allow air circulation. From ‘Life at Home‘.

    Ice cube trays are perfect little storage units for all those little bits and pieces of things you have floating around. Try them to store sewing or office supplies, like here from ‘Home Made Simple‘. Or use an idea from ‘Yesterday On Tuesday‘ and use ice cube tray for an earring holder… this tucks into a drawer really easily as well.


    From ‘The 36th Ave‘, use dollar store bins with pegboard storage systems. Easy and cheap!


    This candle holder makes cute cotton swab storage, from ‘Craft-o-Maniac‘.

    This wonderful dollar store organization idea is from us!  Use pool noodles cut down to create DIY boot trees, to keep them all from being a pile of floppy leather in the closet! Literally takes less than 5 minutes, and you can make as many as you need. Me, being a boot addict, need quite a few more made, stat!


    Isn’t this DIY magnetic organizer from ‘The Crazy Craft Lady‘ pure genius? But it also looks so cute! Dollar store organizing ideas at it’s best… it’s a cookie sheet!


    Pie pans and candle sticks will get you this pretty DIY tiered jewelry tray from ‘The Happy Housie‘. Or try another version of a tiered tray from the ‘Liz Marie Blog‘ made from dollar store plates and candlesticks… and a little glue!


    Love this craft ribbon organizer from ‘Mini Moz‘! Do this for a gift wrapping station!


    The Real Thing with the Coake Family‘ used these file sorters to tame the chaos in the linen closet… This is great if you have kids!


    Keep produce corralled in the fridge with clear office or magazine bins. No more apples rolling around the drawers getting bruised! Photo by ‘The Container Store’.

    Instead of buying an expensive K-Cup carousel, do like ‘Peas and Crayons‘. Use little silverware organizers and turn a drawer into a coffee spot!


    Use a dollar store vase and some floral stones to create makeup brush storage thats pretty too. From ‘Ayse Design‘.


    Store your hair dryer and straightening iron in this file holder from the dollar store. ‘Dream Green DIY‘ shows us how to attach it.

    From Jen at ‘I Heart Organizing‘, this DIY rope basket is made from a dollar store laundry basket!


    Make wire mail baskets that are farmhouse cute from dollar store metal caddies with this tutorial from ‘A House Full of Sunshine‘. Think of what these dollar store organization ideas could do in a kids room or laundry room too!


    Organize your scarves (I have more than 20!) with these dollar store shower rings hung on hangers, from ‘Right at Home‘! Note : We’ve had a lot of reader comments on this idea, with a major complaint being that the rings just slide everywhere… Reader solution? Use pipe cleaners wrapped around the hanger between each ring, dabs of hot glue, or a plastic clothespin! Personally, I have so many scarves, they aren’t gonna be sliding anywhere!

    Finally, we love this cleaning closet from ‘The 36th Ave‘! Most dollar stores sell these shoe and sweater organizers that would be perfect for setting up your own organized space like this.

    Love these clever dollar store organizing ideas & hacks! If you want more great ideas from the dollar store, try our posts on Dollar Store DIY or Classy DIY dollar store decor!

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