2018 Lexington Burger Week Menus and Locations

    2018 Lexington Burger Week Menus and Locations

    Jul 10, 2018

    Following up from the success of last year’s ever-popular summer event, Lexington Burger Week will be returning to take place this year July 9-15.

    This popular community event draws people from all across Central Kentucky to indulge in specialty burger dishes served by Lexington's finest restaurants at a fraction of a usual tab. For only $5, you'll be be offered one of the restaurant chef's most delectable burgers, with dishes ranging from an “ice cream burger” at Crank and Boom to more traditional fare such as “the old fashioned” at Parlay Social. This is one opportunity you cannot miss to literally "get a taste" of 40+  of Lexington's best eateries, and you won’t want to miss out!

    Lexington Burger Week is not only good for foodies though. It's important as a consumer to support the efforts of the local community when events like this come around because they are what keeps a city prosperous. These 7 days are part of one of the biggest events of the year for local restaurants. Last year, in 2017, participants consumed 110,000 + Lexington Burger Week burgers were at participating restaurants, and this year, they’re aiming to get even more local participation. It's these hardworking restaurant entrepreneurs that attract new businesses and tourists to the area, maintaining the lively, clean scene that Lexington has become known for.

    Keep in mind, this is a very big event where restaurants will be swarmed with more customers than usual, so it's very possible that there will be large crowds and wait times. It's best to get there early to beat the rush, but if you must wait, please remember to be courteous and patient. Make sure you offer each restaurant a generous tip and your thanks, and Lexington Burger Week 2018 should be just as delectable as the dishes being offered.

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    Check out the menus from the Lexington Burger Week website below!

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    2018 BURGER MENU

    At least one unique, off-menu burger will be featured for $5 at participating locations. Can you try them all?

    "The Pie Expectation"

    Willie's Locally Known

    286 Southland Drive

    A classic American cheeseburger pot pie.

    West Sixth Pairing: Belgian Blonde

    "Berlin Burger"

    Bear & the Butcher

    815 Euclid Avenue

    The Lexington Burger Week version of our German Bratwurst! Beef patty topped with house fermented sauerkraut & pickles, diced white onion and finished with our famous West 6th IPA mustard!

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "East Meets West Sixth"

    Smithtown Seafood

    501 W. 6th St.

    West Sixth Farm organic beef with ginger-soy mushroom duxelles, Counterculture kimchi and ginger mayo on a brioche bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Amber Ale

    "Croque MonZURGER"

    Azur restaurant & patio

    3070 Lakecrest Circle #550

    ⅓ pound burger with smoked ham, gruyere cheese sauce, and Dijon

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Belgian Blonde

    "Red, Hot & Boom"

    The Sage Rabbit

    438 S. Ashland Ave.

    Chef Foster's house ground ribeye and top round burger, Cholula bacon, smoked jalapeño, topped with mornay on a toasted bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Belgian Blonde

    "Chocolate PB Bacon Donut Ice Cream Burger"

    Crank & Boom Ice Cream Lounge

    1210 Manchester Street

    The Barn - Summit at Fritz Farm

    ​SuperFudge ice cream with local Stone Cross Farm bacon & Reese's Pieces in between a North Lime Glazed Donut.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Amber Ale

    "The Spartan"

    Athenian Grill

    313 S. Ashland Ave.

    115 N. Locust Hill Drive

    The Barn - Summit at Fritz Farm

    House blend of ground leg of lamb and sirloin burger served on a sesame bun, spicy feta spread (htipiti), romaine lettuce, tomato and grilled onions

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Half Bite

    "Onion Cheddar Melt"

    The BLVD

    844 Hays Boulevard

    Grilled beef patty topped with white cheddar cheese sauce, West Sixth Amber beer-braised onions and Amber-battered fried jalapenos.

    "Korean BBQ Burger with Kimchi Slaw"


    3347 Tates Creek Road

    Lansdowne Shopping Center

    A fresh, never frozen patty seared and glazed with Korean BBQ sauce, topped with crunchy kimchi slaw and chili-garlic mayo on warm, butter-toasted bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "Caprese Burger"

    Harry’s American Grill - Hamburg

    1920 Pleasant Ridge Drive (Hamburg)

    A fresh, never frozen patty topped with melted deluxe five-Italian cheese blend, ripened tomato, red onion, shredded iceberg, pesto mayo and aged balsamic glaze on warm, butter-toasted bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "BBQ Cordon Blue Burger"

    Harry’s American Grill - Palomar

    3735 Palomar Centre Drive (Palomar)

    A fresh, never frozen patty topped with smoked ham, mellow marbled jack and blue cheese, shredded lettuce and bourbon-BBQ mayo on a warm, butter-toasted bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "Maui Wowee"

    A&W Burgers Chicken Floats

    652 E. Main St.

    114 Towne Center Drive

    2551 War Admiral Way, Ste. 110

    Juicy burger topped with sweet & smoky BBQ sauce, grilled pineapple salsa, hickory-smoked bacon, lettuce, Provolone cheese & a crispy fried onion ring served on a caramelized bun.

    "Oh No You Didn't" Burger

    J. Render's Southern Table & Bar

    3191 Beaumont Centre Cir

    4 ounce burger patty topped with pulled pork, bourbon & truffle BBQ sauce, smoked mac & cheese then nestled between American cheese slices and grilled Texas Toast

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "BABA Burger"

    Babalu Tapas & Tacos

    4040 Finn Way, Suite 150

    Natural Angus beef, roasted roma tomato, caramelized onions, white cheddar cheese, Hass avocado, smoked bacon and chipotle aioli on a sweet sourdough bun

    "Hungover Ho"

    Tolly Ho

    606 South Broadway

    Two quarter pound patties seasoned with a cinnamon chipotle spice topped with Ho Sauce, lettuce, two slices of Swiss cheese, four pieces of Canadian bacon, hash browns, an over medium-well egg, and bourbon honey sauce.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Berlinerweisse

    "Tacho Average Burger"

    Bar Louie

    3565 Nicholasville Road

    All beef patty with buffalo chicken, tater tots, queso, bacon bits, ranch and fried onion strings on a toasted brioche bun.

    West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "Barracho Burger"

    Brasabana Cuban Cuisine

    841 Lane Allen Road

    1/3 pound burger with warm, melted tequila cheese and crispy fried pickled jalapeños

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Green & Hot"

    Ted's Montana Grill

    2304 Sir Barton Way, Suite 170 (Hamburg)

    120 Summit at Fritz Farm, Suite 180 (Summit)

    The Green & Hot is topped with Pepper Jack cheese, grilled jalapenos and handmade, rustic guacamole on a toasted brioche bun and Sriracha aioli.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Fajita Burger"

    Bru Burger

    3010 Lakecrest Circle

    Our signature blend of sirloin, Chuck and brisket beef patty, topped with grilled peppers, grilled onions, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno aioli, and tortilla strips.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "The Stella’s Hot Brown Burger"

    Stella’s Kentucky Deli

    143 Jefferson St.

    The burger version of our state's most famous sandwich features a quarter pound of Kentucky beef topped with grilled tomatoes, local turkey, chopped bacon and creamy, white cheddar Mornay sauce.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Stella's Vegetarian Hot Brown Burger"

    Stella's Kentucky Deli

    143 Jefferson St

    The vegetarian version of our state's most famous sandwich features a lentil burger topped with grilled tomatoes and creamy, white cheddar Mornay sauce.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Big City Gangster - So Good It Should Be Illegal"

    Big City Pizza

    1060 Chinoe Road, Suite #128

    5 ounce certified Angus beef patty topped with 3 cheese mac & cheese and bourbon candied bacon on a potato bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "Jalapeno Double Popper"


    3695 Nicholasville Road, #120

    Double the beef, topped with two layers of cream cheese, grilled jalapenos, haystack onions and chipotle mayo

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Bayou Burger"


    141 Rojay Drive (Near Fayette Mall)

    391 Rose Street (UK Campus)

    Two 100% Angus patties with cajun seasoning, topped with garlic aioli, cheese sauce and diced jalapenos, chopped bacon, shredded lettuce, and tomato on our BurgerFi potato bun.

    West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "The Babe"

    Red Light Kitchen & Lounge

    780 N. Limestone

    Six ounce beef burger with pepper jack cheese topped with ancho chili barbecue sauce, hickory smoked bacon, crispy onions and house bread and butter pickles.

    ​Pairing: West Sixth Cerveza (and a shot of tequila)

    “Not Yo” (Nacho Mama’s) Burger

    Columbia Steakhouse

    201 N. Limestone

    (Downtown location only)

    This year we take a trip to the border with homemade queso, salsa, jalapeños and tortilla strips make our mouth watering burger an adventure.

    West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "Old Fashioned Burger (OFB)"

    Parlay Social

    249 W. Short Street

    Two 3 ounce, crispy beef patties with havarti cheese, cherry and orange chutney, arugula, caramelized onions finished with angostura bitters, topped with signature Parly Social old fashioned syrup on a potato bun.

    ​Pairing: West Sixth Brewing Belgian Blonde (and an old fashioned)

    "Smoked Green Chile Cheeseburger"

    County Club

    555 Jefferson St.

    Burger topped with smoked and charred green chiles, Swiss and cheddar cheeses, and smoked garlic mayo on a toasted sunrise bun

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza


    Lexington Diner

    124 N. Upper St.

    Blackened burger topped with pepper jack cheese, pineapple chutney, garlic aioli

    "Big$tack CrunchRap"

    Girls, Girls, Girls Burritos

    395 S. Limestone #150

    Beef: Double layer spicy ground beef, girls' special sauce, American cheese, crispy flour tortilla, shredded lettuce, cilantro, diced red onion, and girls' pickles all wrapped in sesame seed flour tortilla & grilled

    Veg: Double layer refried pinto beans, girls' special sauce, American cheese, crispy corn tortilla, shredded lettuce, cilantro, diced red onion, and girls' pickles all wrapped in sesame seed flour tortilla & grilled

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "MO Bourbon Burger"

    Locals’ Craft Food & Drink

    701 National Ave.

    3 ounce burger topped with mushrooms and onions braised in a bourbon gravy layered with melted Swiss cheese and served on a toasted bun.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Amber Ale

    "Caribbean Burger"

    Fida's Caribbean Cafe

    601 N. Limestone

    Jerk marinated Beef Patty topped with Fida's BBQ Jerk Sauce, Cheese, Pickles, and Spicy Hot-Slaw served on Plantain Buns.

    West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Bourbon for Breakfast"

    The Original Brooklyn Pizza

    3330 Partner Place, Suite 124

    Double smash burger with sweet rub topped with swiss cheese, an over easy egg, tomato, applewood smoked bacon, maple syrup bourbon glaze on a toasted Kaiser roll.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "The Bourbon Legend"

    JW's Steakhouse - Griffin Gate Marriott Resort

    1800 Newtown Pike

    Burger topped with swiss cheese, fried green tomatoes, bourbon candied bacon and sriracha mayo on grilled bun.

    ​Pairing: West Sixth IPA (and a private select bourbon)

    "The Original Bar Zee"


    410 W Short St

    A classic from when we first opened is back just in time for Lexington Burger Week. Topped with hickory smoked bacon, jalapeños & homemade bar cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato & onion

    ​West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    "Bluegrass Fed Burger"

    Louie's Wine Dive & Chevy Chase Kitchen

    854 E. High Street

    All beef patty topped with ginger ale-battered fried green tomatoes, local cheddar cheese, Kentucky bourbon and local sorghum sauce.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Berlinerweisse

    "Santa Fe Burger"

    Nick Ryan’s

    157 Jefferson St.

    Fresh 6 ounce burger patty topped with sauteed green and red bell peppers, onions and queso cheese.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Cerveza

    "Bourbon Bacon Jam Out Burger"

    Horseshoes Kentucky Grill

    1987 North Broadway

    1/3 lb certified Angus burger with white cheddar cheese, topped with our handcrafted bourbon bacon jam, and a crispy onion ring served with green leaf lettuce on a brioche bun. It's jam good.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: Amber Ale

    "Marrow Burger"

    Life Brewpub

    2628 Richmond Road

    House-ground beef brushed with roasted marrow butter, topped with horseradish cheddar, roasted marrow gelee, green peppercorn slaw, crushed smoked pork rinds and a roasted marrow aioli.

    ​West Sixth Pairing: IPA

    Do you see a particular dish that makes your mouth water? Then be sure to head out the week of July 9-15 to support some local businesses and satisfy your hunger for unique Kentucky flavors. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try as many as you can!

    Lexington is one of the largest cities of Kentucky in terms of population and economy. Events like these are just part of the growing social scene that this community has to offer. Can you see yourself living in the Lexington area?

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