Restaurant Spotlight: Rodney's on Broadway

    Restaurant Spotlight: Rodney's on Broadway

    Dec 27, 2017

    Good restaurants are a must for any expanding town.

    So given that Georgetown, Kentucky is one of the fastest growing areas in the state in terms of population and economy, it should be no surprise that it is brimming with delicious restaurants with a full range of flavors and styles. Despite its cozy, small town feel, Georgetown has the restaurant scene of a thriving city. There's something for everyone here - including fine dining, when you’ve got someone you want to impress.

    If that’s what you’re looking for, then Rodney's on Broadway is for you.

    The premier restaurant in Georgetown for fine dining, Rodney's is the place you go when you want a truly fabulous evening and something a little fancier than standard diner fare. Enjoy a delectable meal, cocktails, and upscale service in this charming historic building located near central downtown.

    Offering delicious dishes not often found in a small town such as as roasted duck with a port wine reduction, twice-grilled lamb chops with roasted garlic mint demi-glace, and grilled chicken pasta with prosciutto, asiago, and white wine garlic sauce, Rodney's is one restaurant you cannot miss, whether you are a Georgetown local or a visitor.

    Quick Info:

    Location: 222 North Broadway, Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

    Hours: Tues - Sat: 5 PM-10 PM

    Click here for the full menu.

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