Top 5 Things To Do On A Snow Day In Lexington

    Top 5 Things To Do On A Snow Day In Lexington

    Jan 25, 2018

    Snow days are the best when you’re a kid.

    There’s nothing quite like waking up at your typical 6am time just for your parents to tell you to go back to bed. There’s something really special about that blissful time in between falling back asleep after you’ve learned school’s been canceled and the time when you actually wake up - it’s a particularly peaceful kind of rest. Then, there’s the feeling of excitement and of getting to put on your snow clothes, call up your friends, and go outside to play for a few hours before coming in for hot cocoa.

    The point being - it’s fun to be a kid on a snow day. But adults can have fun snow days too - whether it’s because you have to take off to watch your kid when they’re off from school, because the weather is so bad you can’t make it out safely, or because you just feel like taking a break. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite ideas of things to do on a snow day, with or without your kids.

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    1. Catch a movie at one of Lexington's many theaters

    If you just can't shake the your laziness, maybe consider checking out a movie! You can sit peacefully in your chair in a dark room, watching as some great film adventure unfolds, maybe munching on some popcorn all the while. It's perhaps not a very athletic choice, but sometimes, you just want to chill while still being out of the house. Exchange your living room television for a theater, and check out some of the great films that the winter has to offer - including the traditional Oscar bait films and the tailend of big-budget holiday releases. Lexington has several movie theaters to offer, including a Cinemark by Fayette Mall, Regal Cinemas in Hamburg, Movie Tavern that offers dining along with your show, the historic Kentucky Theatre downtown, and more.

    Click here for showtimes.

    Locations: Click here for locations and showtimes of Lexington theaters.

    2. Enjoy the snow at your local park

    Lexington, being a part of Kentucky, is just packed with great rolling hills for sledding down. If your own backyard is too flat or too small for proper winter fun, consider walking (or driving, assuming it’s safe) with your family to your local park to scope out the best sledding slopes. The best part? It’s absolutely free, and there’s likely no shortage of fresh snow to use for your snowman-building or snowball fight-having purposes.

    Click here for a list of Lexington public park locations and hours.

    3. Dine downtown

    Eating out is one of the most enjoyable parts of being in downtown Lexington, but it can sometimes be hard to get there amid the traffic, especially during weekday rush hour. So what better a time to visit some new restaurants than when the traffic is light because everyone’s trying to stay warm at home? Try some a famous eatery like The Local Taco, which proudly mixes the styles of Tex-Mex and Southern cuisine in dishes such as Korean BBQ, Buffalo Chicken, and Southern Fried tacos. Experiment with one of Lexington's newer restaurants like Buddha Lounge, a brand new Asian restaurant best known for their sushi, Gyoza (Japanese dumplings), Korean Tacos, and Chicken Teriyaki. For a pizza, look no further than Goodfellas, where they offer classic, oversized New York-style pizzas right here in Lexington. Or, for something fancier, make a reservation at Portofino, an elegant downtown restaurant combining Italian and American cuisine. There's something for anyone here!


    1. The Local Taco - 315 S Limestone, Lexington, KY 40508
    2. Buddha Lounge - 109 North Mill Street, Lexington, KY 40507
    3. Goodfellas - 110 North Mill Street, Lexington, KY 40507
    4. Portofino - 249 East Main St. Lexington, KY 40507

    4. Explorium

    For something more kid-cented, try Lexington’s children’s museum, the Explorium! This interactive museum designed especially for kids is a perfect way to beat the cold with some educational, indoor fun. Try hands-on exhibits like the Bubble Zone, which explores the science of bubbles, Passport to the World, which allows kids to learn about the various cultures of the world, Let's Move, a motion game projected onto the floor and wall, and more. The Explorium also offers themed day camps for children 3-11 that revolve around fun things like ninjas, dinosaurs, forensics, and outer space. Children will enjoy the engaging activities, and adults will love that their kids are learning.

    Hours: Tues - Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM; Sun: 1 PM - 5 PM; open Mon Memorial Day through Labor Day

    Location:  440 W. Short Street, Lexington KY 40507

    Price: $8 per person

    Click here to visit the Explorium website.

    5. Lexington Public Library

    It's always a good time to read! In this digital age, it’s easy to forget the fun of cracking open a good book and sitting down to read. Regardless of your age, reading can be a great way to pass the time when you’re cooped up indoors. Reading not your cup of tea? That’s okay! Lexington’s libraries have a large collection of movies, music, audiobooks, and magazines to keep you entertained. There are also plenty of events held at the very LPL locations every day - from storytime for babies to adult book clubs and classes - so you won’t develop cabin fever.

    Click here for a list of upcoming LPL events

    Location: Click here for a list of library branches

    Price: FREE

    Lexington is one of the largest cities of Kentucky in terms of population and economy. These attractions are just part of the growing social scene that this community has to offer. Can you see yourself living in the Lexington area?

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