Triangle Park Ice Rink Open Now for 2019 Season

    Triangle Park Ice Rink Open Now for 2019 Season

    Nov 26, 2019

    It’s that time of year again: time for Triangle Park ice skating!

    As most Lexington locals know, every year just before Thanksgiving, the already beautiful Triangle Park in Downtown Lexington is transformed into an even more beautiful winter-themed ice skating rink. This is one of Lexington’s best Christmas-themed attractions, hands-down. There’s a large, brightly-lit Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and of course, ice-skating -- everything you could possibly want for a fun evening preparing for the holiday season. It’s like a mini, less-crowded version of the NYC Rockefeller Center! 

    For a nominal fee, you can take to the ice in the glow of charming festive decorations and one of most Instagram-worthy locations in Lexington. 

    If you’ve been too stressed to really experience any holiday spirit, then this is the event for you. In its first year, the Unified Trust Company Ice Rink welcomed over 22,000 skaters and an additional 65,000 visitors to Triangle Park and Downtown Lexington, and every year since then, it’s been attracting Lexingtonians with its festive cheer. Don’t forget to grab a warm mug of hot chocolate and some Big L’s Gourmet Hot Dogs to complete the winter experience. 

    We’ll see you out on the rink! 

    Triangle Park is now open for the winter and will stay open through the middle of January.

    Quick Info: 

    Business Hours

    Monday-Thursday        4pm to 10pm

    Friday                              4pm to 11pm

    Saturday                         10am to 11pm

    Sunday                            1:30pm to 9pm


    Holiday Business Hours (December 23-January 3)

    Monday-Thursday        10am to 10pm

    Friday                              10am to 11pm

    Saturday                         10am to 11pm

    Sunday                            1:30pm to 9pm

    Ice Rink will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Final closing date for the 2019-2020 season TBD.

    When Fayette County schools are closed during the week, the Ice Rink will open at 10am.

    An admission and skate rental fee of $15 will allow guests to enjoy 90 minutes on the ice. The Unified Trust Company Ice Rink is presented by Unified Trust Company, and managed by Downtown Lexington Partnership and the Lexington Ice Center. 

    Lexington is one of the largest cities of Kentucky in terms of population and economy. This is just one of many attractions that are part of the growing social scene that this community has to offer. Can you see yourself living in the Lexington area?

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