Agent Highlight: Judd Hisel

    Agent Highlight: Judd Hisel

    Jan 29, 2020

    Shopping for a real estate agent is just as important as shopping for a home.  


    Think about it -- just like you must do a thorough job of looking through all of your options when hunting for your dream home, you should want to do the same for the real estate agent who’s going to help you find that dream home. But, admittedly, it can be hard to distinguish between the thousands upon thousands of real estate agents marketing their services to the world. You could spend hours of your time researching the various options, sifting through those who have more experience, higher qualifications, better reviews, or who your friends recommend. Still, none of those factors will guarantee that that agent will work out for you and your needs -- an agent could have great numbers and tick all the right boxes, but still fail to truly understand you as a customer. They could still fail to be “the one.”


    We believe that, to some degree, you need to get to know agent on a more personal level, beyond just their statistics and resumes, to come to an understanding of if your interests and personalities might work well together. And that’s why we began this Agent Highlight section of our blog -- to showcase the hobbies, quirks, and unique personas of each of our agents. 


    We sat down with one of our many talented agents and conducted a brief interview that, unlike a traditional sales pitch, focuses primarily upon the individual behind the pitch. Our hope is that this will help you to get a grasp on whether you and the agent will click together because that’s ultimately the most important part of the agent-client dynamic: the relationship. 

    Judd and his wife.

    Today’s blog will feature the wonderful Judd Hisel, an agent on our BHG real estate team. Judd combines the strong work ethic and positive energy to help others throughout Central Kentucky achieve their real estate goals. With Judd as your realtor, you can count on him to be there for you every step of the way with expert guidance and personal attention. As a Military Relocation Professional and Cartus Relocation Specialist, Judd is driven to help current and former service members achieve exceptional results and make every moment count throughout their move.


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    1. Why did you become a real estate agent? 


    “When buying and selling my first home, I had bad experiences, so I decided to become a licensed realtor, and vowed to keep my clients from having those same bad experiences.”  

    2. What is your favorite childhood memory?


    “Riding bicycles, fishing, camping, and pretty much staying outdoors from morning until dark.”

    3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 


    “I want to take a trip out West some day to see the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon, but also want to go to Hawaii.” 

    4. What is your favorite restaurant in Lexington and why? 


    “Malones -- the steaks are amazing, and the Lexingtonian Salad is a favorite as well!”

    5. What’s your favorite thing about living in Lexington? 


    “I actually live in Berea, just a few miles south of Lexington. I like the small town feel and hospitality.” 

    6. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 

    “I’m an analytical thinker. I typically overthink everything, and I've been told I'm overprepared, if that’s even a thing!” 

    7. What is one thing you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? 


    “Face a fear -- bungee jump, ride a horse, go to a haunted house, or whatever it is that you think your fear would hold you back from doing.”

    Judd and his family.

    8. What is your most unusual talent? 


    “My daughter says my dancing skills, LOL! Maybe back in the day, but these days, not so much.”


    9. Are you a dog or a cat person and why? 


    “I grew up with dogs, so that's just a natural choice. Come to think about it, none of my family had cats when I was young, so I guess we are all dog people.”

    10. What is your favorite quote?  


    “Do what's right, not what's easy.”

    As Judd himself expressed, Lexington is a great place to live, as one of the largest cities of Kentucky in terms of population and economy with a growing social scene that’s sure to meet your needs. Can you see yourself living in the Lexington area?

    If so, then it's time to look into selling your old home and buying a new one: in other words, it's time to contact a local realtor and start looking. To contact Judd with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress, click here!