The Price is Right.... or Is It?

    The Price is Right.... or Is It?

    Mar 18, 2021

    I’m sure you have read plenty of social media posts from real estate companies and brokerages saying “the market is hot” or “the time to sell is now”. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It sounds like a marketing tactic that’s overly used.

    What if I tell you that they are not just marketing tactics and the statements are true?

    Most listings in the Greater Augusta Area are going under contract within a couple weeks, if they last that long. If you are considering listing your home, there is one thing to make clear… low inventory is NOT a reason to overprice your house.

    There are three things that can happen when your house goes on the market. Your home gets priced way too high. Remember, closing comparables must support the price your house is at. Your home could be priced slightly too high which could still keep offers from flowing in. Lastly, your home gets price just right, and your home sells- sometimes right away!

    The #1 most common mistake in selling a house, made by many sellers, is to start out by pricing their home high at the beginning, and reducing it in a few weeks if it hasn’t sold.

    Don’t make this mistake. The first 30 days are the most important, because buyers are looking for homes that are new to the market. Price is the first impression to potential buyers. Overpricing the house and then lowering the price indicates something is wrong with the house.


    Given this information… is the price right for your house?