Bourbon Apple Cider Fruity Punch

    Bourbon Apple Cider Fruity Punch

    Dec 27, 2021

    Simplify your holiday gathering or football party (can I hear a Woo Pig Sooie for the Razorbacks in the OUTBACK BOWL!!) with this Bourbon Apple Cider Punch—a flavorful bourbon batch cocktail that’s spirit forward with warm spice notes and seasonal fresh fruit for added goodness.


    You want your party to be a smash—well, not literally, but you know what I mean. As the host/hostess, you want everyone, including yourself, to have a jolly good time noshing on fabulous food and imbibing in a festive libation while catching up with family and friends.


    Make it easy on yourself with a batch cocktail so you can mingle with your guests and watch the game instead of tending bar. Everyone will be impressed with this craft batch cocktail based on seasonal flavors of apple cider, vanilla, warm spice, citrus, and pears, but spirit-forward enough for all the Hog fans in the room. It’s simple to make and, when poured into a Ball jar and gussied up with a bit of raffia, stylish as well. Put a pretty label on it, include the recipe, and you have a lovely party favor to gift.


    This Bourbon Apple Cider Fruity Punch is easily dressed up or down. Serve it fancy in a punch bowl with dainty little teacups or keep it simple in a shimmering glass pitcher with canning jars adorned with raffia bows. Add a festive touch with holly berries, sprigs of evergreen, plaid ribbon, or whatever suits your taste for a holiday party.

    About that punch: Most importantly, use a good quality bourbon. It doesn’t have to be expensive or single barrel—Four Roses, Bourbon Trace, and Woodford Reserve are all fine brands. Treetop Honeycrisp Apple Cider is an excellent choice for the apple cider because it’s100% juice from Honeycrisp apples grown in our Northwestern states. Who doesn’t love Honey Crisp apples? They are the most popular apple variety because of their crispness and unique tart-sweet flavor. Add texture and flavor to your punch with fresh seasonal fruit such as Asian or Korean pears, which are crunchy, sweet, and fragrant, and they don’t turn brown. Citrus adds a touch of acid that balances the sweetness. Oranges are good, but Satsuma tangerines are even better--sweet, aromatic, and not as acidic as mandarins or oranges.

    Special thanks to Priscilla Willis for the great recipe.