Germantown: Urban Paradise

    Germantown: Urban Paradise

    May 23, 2019

    Located approximately 25 miles outside of Washington, D.C., Germantown, Maryland is the third most populous town in Maryland, after the city of Baltimore. With its national parks, luxury shopping centers, and a high-profile performing arts venue, Germantown offers a combination of the rural with the cosmopolitan.

    The 8.8- acre Germantown Town Center Urban Park offers a unique blend of the recreational with the utilitarian. The park’s wetland and stormwater management facilities create a natural habitat for birds, fish and other wildlife with scenic boardwalk trails that span across the wetlands. The park also offers an open lawn for dog walking, picnics, or a game of catch; while pedestrian and bike paths provide connections to the nearby Germantown Library. 

    For those looking for fun in a traditional rural setting, the family-owned and operated Butler Orchard has an array of activities including strawberry picking, hayrides, bonfires, a petting zoo, and annual Fall and Spring festivals. 

    The BlackRock Center for the Arts offers an entertaining and educational experience; serving as a venue for performing and visual arts. The center also offers classes in music, dance, theatre and visual arts for all ages.