I began my Real Estate career in 1997 and still LOVE being able to help others sell and buy their family dream home and or vacation properties. I have a long list of additional professional qualifications working in the Real Estate industry. Working as a Loan Originator, Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Assessor, Permit Technician and Construction Office Manager all of these have given me insights into the whole process from the dirt work to the final finishing touches on the home. I really do enjoy all the aspects of Real Estate.
    I was born and raised in King County and South King County which is also where we raised our two children, now adults who live on both sides of the mountains. After our adult children moved on we had the opportunity to continue our Construction business in Eastern WA, so we moved to Eastern WA and we enjoy the weather and outside activities here. I still have clients and A LOT of ties to the King County and Pierce County areas and that will always be my HOME.
    Doing what I love working with people in Real Estate is a very rewarding thing and I cherish the fact that I have had so many opportunities to work and help others in buying and selling real estate. Let me know via phone, text or email if you have ANY questions on the Real Estate process and I would love to work with you.