Easy Ways to Update and Refresh Your Home

    Easy Ways to Update and Refresh Your Home

    May 17, 2018

    Looking for some easy and budget-friendly ideas to update your living space? Check out this collection of simple tricks for breathing new life into every room of your house, exterior, and garage. These quick-fix ideas will help you fall in love with your home all over again.


    Infuse Your Home with Color


    Use the 60-30-10 formula as a guide to how much color should be in the room. The predominant color should cover 60% of the room and usually includes the painted walls. Upholstery, curtains, and rugs make up the secondary 30% of color. Finally, artwork, accessories and accent tiles account for the remaining 10% of the formula.

    Another idea is to paint the inside of a frequently accessed closet to give the room a bright punch of color.


    Liven Up Furniture and Decor


    Turn older family furniture into a beautiful accent piece. If it is still sound and has nice lines, a simple paint job can change the whole look. Pull pieces from other rooms of the house and combine them for a fresh new look. Make interesting wall designs by grouping objects such as round plates over a square sofa, or thin vertical objects in the hallway.


    Control Clutter in the Home


    Surround a bank of windows or a set of French doors with simple built-in shelves to add storage and style to walls. Line open shelves with attractive, woven baskets for a natural look or metal bins for a more contemporary feel. Choose furniture pieces that double for storage, such as a storage bench or ottoman.


    Useful Window Treatment Ideas


    Use floor-length drapes and raise curtain rods all the way to the ceiling to visually enlarge the room. Line French doors with curtains that can be swapped out seasonally. Use full-height draperies to cover a small window, creating the illusion of a larger window.


    Add Architectural Interest


    Painting the woodwork and trim in white will outline and visually enlarge look of your architecture. Add built-in seating to give a cozy feel to under-eave nooks and dormers. Brighten dark or oak-stained built-in bookcases or cabinetry with paint. Replace dated hardware with new knobs, pulls, and hinges.

    Wake Up the Walls


    Install picture molding just below ceiling height to extend the look of crown molding and provide a place hang artwork. Line the backs of bookshelves with wallpaper. Add texture by installing beaded paneling horizontally so the lines follow the perimeter of the room.

    Quick Kitchen Updates


    Did you know red stimulates the appetite, improves one’s sense of smell, and sensitizes the taste buds? Add a splash of red in a white or neutral kitchen. Chalkboard paint is a fun way to create a family message center. Paint the kitchen pantry doors with it. Tile a backsplash. For low-cost customization, choose a simple 4 x 4 tile with just a few accent tiles to break it up. Cut off the toe-kick on a cabinet and add a bun leg on each corner or end so it looks like a freestanding piece of furniture. Then paint or stain them to match the cabinets.


    Bathroom Makeovers


    Transform an old dresser into a custom vanity for vintage character and charm. Splurge on a small amount of decorative ceramic tile for a stunning vanity backsplash. Create a luxury shower by replacing a standard showerhead with a shapely rainshower-style model and bringing in a waterproof bench. Limit bath linens to just one color. That way, they’ll always look coordinated.


    The Secret to a Soothing Bedroom


    Upholster your headboard in a favorite color and pattern, then bring in an upholstered chair with a small side table for a comfy spot. Even better, install a remote controlled gas fireplace. Paint all four walls and the ceiling in a soft shade of blue for a cozy, restful retreat, or cover the walls with paintable textured wallpaper. Dress up plain closet doors with glass inserts, picture frames, or molding.


    Add Some Instant Curb Appeal


    Install manufactured stone veneers or brick facing around an entry for visual texture and instant curb appeal. Replace the entry light with a handsome coach-lantern-style fixture for historical appeal. Add shutters or accent trim around windows and doors, as well as replace standard garage doors with elegant, carriage-style models. Paint the front door in a can’t-miss-it shade of red and replace the front-door hardware with a sleek, updated handle set.


    An Updated Garage


    Push three small workbenches together along one wall to do the work of one long bench. Paint concrete floors with an epoxy garage floor covering. Cover an entire wall with pegboard to hang most-used tools and yard equipment in plain sight and within easy reach.