Make a Difference... Make a New Story....

    Make a Difference... Make a New Story....

    Nov 15, 2017

    In the month of November we are always so thankful for what we have, for our families, our friends that we often take moment from our day to day lives to give Thanks. Now there is a way for you to give Thanks to those you may not even know. Those who need your Thanks and Support in order to just survive.

    In Ahuachapán, El Salvador, countless families are living in a rural shack slum on the edge of despair. 

    That’s why Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate and New Story are teaming up to build these families life-changing homes that will offer safety, clean running water, and electricity for generations to come. Global philanthropy is critical for us, and one that focuses on providing a safe and healthy environment is in perfect alignment with our core values and brand positioning. New Story is a way for our affiliated agents, employees, clients and friends to positively impact a community.

    Your financial support is critical to the survival of so many. We have set a goal to build 80 homes for families in need, in need of safety, running water, electricity, sewage systems for each home, a community that gives back. Every homeowner has a responsibility to pay it forward for the next homeowner in this community. It is through this community spirit and drive that you too can pay it forward, you can be a part of history and make a difference in someone's life. Your Contribution, whether it is $5 or $6000 will go to helping to build another home.

    It cost's $6000 to build one home from start to finish, that is a lot of money to the people of Ahuachapán, but it may not be to you. We ask that you dig deep, give what you can and let's change their World together.


    To get started, visit our New Story Webpage and donate to a family in need. Take a moment and watch this short Video to see what a difference a few dollars can make to someone in need.