How To Win And Lose Like A Pro!

    How To Win And Lose Like A Pro!

    Jan 16, 2020

    Do we have any Coach Steve Spurrier fans in the house? If so, you're going to want to read these tips!

    We kicked off 2020 with a new series called "Power Hour" to equip our agents with knowledge, motivation, inspiration, and real-life tips to help elevate their career. We were honored to start this series off with the legendary Coach Spurrier.

    Here's what we learned from the Heisman winner:

    • Set Goals - Write them down!

    It's so important to set goals that sometimes don't feel attainable. They push you beyond your limits, and you just might be surprised by your results.

    • Be transparent and honest with people!

    When you have the competitive edge on someone or something-- share it with your team. Honesty will help you gain their trust.

    • Give people the opportunity to see what they can do!

    If you don't give people the chance to prove themselves then you are likely doing yourself a disservice. Have faith and take a chance on people. They may just rise to the occasion!

    • You can change your life by changing your attitude!

    You don't have to be the best-- you just have to have a good and coach-able attitude!

    • Consistency is key- What are the little things you are doing every day to move the ball forward?

    Practice makes perfect! Don't get stuck with analysis paralysis-- get out there and actually TRY the things you have learned!

    • Sometimes you lose no matter how much you prepare!

    This is the ugly truth of life. Understand that it is not always about you. What you do next after a mistake is more important.

    • If it isn't working - Change it!

    Have you ever heard the definition of insanity? If not, look it up!

    • Do something different to set yourself apart!

    It is important to do something to set yourself apart. Coach Spurrier understood that he had to come up with a totally different plan if he wanted to have a different result than the past coaches had.

    • Don't worry about your opponent - Be the best YOU can be!

    The only person you should care about beating is the person you were yesterday! Be better every single day and the results will come.

    These tips are relatable whether you are raising champions in your home, leading a team at work, looking to be the best version of yourself, or just simply looking for guidance in your everyday life.

    Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite take-away is.