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Interior Design

12 Essential Tips for a Well-Lit Home

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When designing and decorating a home, most of us tend to forget what a big role lighting can play. Well-placed lights are key in highlighting the best qualities of your home, creating cozy ambiance, and illuminating essential work and play spaces. Good lighting will accentuate your favorite furnishings and artwork; and, conversely, bad lighting can make even the most beautiful home accessories appear drab or harsh. To help ensure your home is well lit, use our expert tips to brighten all of your favorite spaces.


Essential tips for a well-lit home -

Layers of Light

According to lighting designer Randall Whitehead, the recipe for a successful lighting design is to mix four types, or layers, of light in every room of your house. The first layer is ambient light, indirect light that evenly illuminates rooms. This type of light includes natural light, pendants, and overhead fixtures. Next, spotlight your work areas with task lighting, which includes reading lamps and under-counter lights. Highlight the room’s architecture with accent lights, such as track lights or adjustable recessed lights. The final layer is decorative lights, such as chandeliers and lamps. These lights make large rooms feel smaller.



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