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6 Tips to Sell Your Home in No Time

6 Tips to Sell Your Home in No Time -

Complete Needed Home Repairs

If something in your house is in need of repair, fix it. Chances are you’ve become accustomed to these flaws, but a homebuyer won’t be. Owner neglect will only lower the asking price or lengthen the time required to sell.

—Ask a Realtor to go through your home and point out what repairs need to be done to the home before it goes on the market.

—Make needed repairs to your home before the first open house to save you stress and money in the long run.

—Ensure that systems and built-in appliances are up to date. Homebuyers often require that an inspector go through the home, so it’s wise to already be one step ahead of the game.

—Keep your home in tip-top shape with everyday upkeep and cleaning to make sure it looks its best at every viewing.

—Make safety repairs. Fix uneven or badly cracked cement on the front walk, repair loose railings and replace broken windows and panes, which can raise security issues.