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Interior Design

Breakfast Nook Ideas

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Pick up some design ideas, see how to add storage and glean a few tips for tucking a breakfast nook just about anywhere.

Fill your breakfast nook with light.

A wall of windows makes this breakfast nook the perfect spot to grab a quick meal or lounge with a cup of coffee. A tulip table is perfect for adding additional chairs when the whole family eats together. A built-in banquette adds hidden storage to the casual breakfast nook.

Help your nook fit into a sliver of space.

At the end of this kitchen, a tiny banquette and a few chairs are tucked under the window. This sliver of space allows dining for at least four people, which the kitchen lacked before this custom bench was added. Plus, the bench opens up to provide additional storage to the small space.

Carve a breakfast booth out of existing space.

Consider borrowing square footage from spaces adjacent to your kitchen to create a new breakfast nook. A separate eating area gives diners a place to sit out of the cook’s way. This banquette is the perfect place to add extra (hidden) storage to the kitchen.
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