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Interior Design

How to Create a Functional, Stylish Family Room

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Interior design principles suggest that using inviting colors, smart furniture choices and easy organization solutions will fill a family room with style, comfort and function.

A well-designed family room can truly be the heart of the household—and is a must for casual home entertaining or movie night. But too often, the family room ends up feeling like either a formal parlor—stiff and uninviting—or a free-for-all kids’ playroom. Strike a balance by picking up some of these ideas for attractive, functional family rooms that look good and work hard for the families who live there. That way, you won’t have to cringe when a potential buyer on a home tour asks to pop into the family room—and you can even ask if they want to sit down and get comfortable while they envision their own future movie nights or informal family gatherings in the space.


Family room fusion

Balance family-friendly with sophistication by including plenty of color and chic patterns in your family room. Bright hues appeal to kids and adults alike, and a mix of patterns will give the space a designer vibe. Consider including outdoor fabrics, which are durable, or slipcovers, which are washable.






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