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Interior Design

Decorate with Architectural Salvage

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Salvaged architectural details lend a clever and interesting vibe to these homes. Channel some of these ideas in your own home to craft a new look that feels both trendy and timeless.

Choose a primitive headboard.

A pair of doors, likely from a barn or an outbuilding, rise as a standout headboard. Their weathered finish, rusty hardware and substantial silhouettes make a period-perfect statement. Before using worn architectural elements near sleeping or eating areas, sand away chipping paint. Seal all surfaces with a clear sealer to ensure the piece retains its patina but won’t shed any paint chips or wood slivers.

Be progressive.

Even the most ancient of salvaged architectural materials have a place in contemporary spaces. Old-world corbels complete with finial details fashion a digital workstation. The corbels, which likely once supported some type of roof or overhang, handily prop up a glass desktop. Duplicating this idea? Make sure you secure the corbels into wall studs so they support the weight of the desktop, office equipment and desk decor.

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