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Interior Design

Design a Functional, Attractive Home Office

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If you’ve ever tried to get creative or be productive in a cluttered, less-than-inspiring atmosphere, you can probably appreciate the value of a clean, functional home office. These homeowners have carved out nooks that inspire an organized, productive workday—from the comfort of home. And even if you’re hoping to move in the near future, take heart: a clean, organized and stylish home office is far more attractive to a potential buyer than a messy desk in a corner somewhere. (Just don’t forget to factor in storage solutions to keep clutter at bay!)

Functional Practical Home Office Ideas AttractiveFamily-first focus

This home office is the perfect fit for an active family. A pair of corner desks and mix-and-match modular storage units line the walls, keeping the room open and providing plenty of work space for each member of the family. The versatile modular units can configure to store just about anything. White, beaded-board paneling wraps around the room, making the space brighter and creating additional storage on the deep ledge.

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