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Interior Design

Easy, Budget-Friendly Design Fixes to Make Your House Feel More Welcoming

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It’s inevitable: you’re just kicking back after a long, chaotic weekend when the phone rings. It’s a classmate from years ago who is “just passing through” and wants to stop by your house to visit. Or it’s your real estate agent, asking if he can bring a couple over to view your house. In an hour. Time to panic? Well, maybe. But these tips can help you corral the chaos for this visit, and a few inexpensive tweaks can make it easier and more efficient to clean up the next time your mother-in-law wants to pop by for dinner at the last minute.

budget design fixTrouble spot: Tired room

Ready for a new look this season but don’t have the time or budget for large-scale redecorating?

Fast fix: Interior design on a budget means looking to color or pattern to give a room an instant lift. Give your room a colorful jolt of visual interest by covering an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or a bold paint color.

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