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Interior Design

Family Kitchen Design: Form & Function

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Your kitchen isn’t just the heart of your home, it’s the center of your family’s life, too. It is the main room where you all gather to cook, entertain, relax, do homework, balance the budget, and chat over coffee. It’s no wonder that kitchens tend to be the priciest—and hardest—rooms to remodel. The space needs to be more than welcoming, maneuverable, and utilitarian; it needs to function as a hub for busy family life as well. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen, use our planning guide to make smart design decisions for the key elements of the room.

The kitchen is the most expensive and challenging room to build or remodel—it’s where just about everything happens for your family: talking, cooking, scheduling. So, it’s important to make the space both beautiful and hard-working. To help you make smart design decisions and create a safe and accessible space for your family, use our basic planning guidelines for the key elements of kitchen design.

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