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All Harvest Long: Decorating Ideas for Fall

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Fall offers up many decorative treasures you can use to add style inside and out, including pumpkins, brightly colored leaves, seasonal fruit and pinecones.

Add fall elegance.

Showcase miniature pumpkins in an elegant fashion with a bell jar or cloche. The pumpkins create the homey, fall look, but a sleek glass dome adds a touch of class and formality. Add colorful details around the dome—such as leaves, flowers or other fall favorites—to complete the arrangement.







Make an autumn bouquet.

Rather than a bouquet of flowers, go for a bouquet of autumn leaves. The bright and ever-changing colors bring a burst of vibrance to the room. Plus, this look couldn’t be simpler. Snip some small branches off a tree in your yard, or for a longer-lasting look, purchase faux leaves at a local crafts store.

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